Month: April 2017

Where to Place House Plants for Home Decor

Are you planning to bring in the greenery to your indoor decor? If you are then it’s really great because just like a painting on the wall looks expressive and an antique looks appealing, indoor house plants brings life to every corner of the house. They are versatile items and you can use them in various ways to make your room look enhanced as well as refreshing. Bringing in a little greenery to your home is a great way of adorning the decor and creating a refreshing ambiance. There are varieties of plants and placing them at the right...

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Important Details Before You Decorate Your Boring Room From Scratch

Home décor might be a very huge thing when you think of doing it but once you get started it becomes really interesting. The most interesting part is searching for those perfect home décor ideas for your room from various online and offline stores. Don’t you just feel warm from inside by just thinking about the colourful fabrics, the abstract designs, the modern shapes and sizes of various objects? I know you are getting goose bumps even by thinking about them.  Once you are done with finding the right designs, don’t forget to pen them down in a paper...

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