Month: May 2017

14 Bygone Era Styles For Your Modern Home

When it comes to redecorating a room there are millions of options where you could reuse your same rustic chic items in a different angle and space and make the whole setting look new and different. This style of décor is totally different from all your ultra-modern design ideas and gives you a wide option of choosing various styles starting with soft woodsy theme to all big open seaside auras. Whatever might be your choice of theme, in rustic chic designs everything is focused upon a single centrepiece. Generally this centrepiece is either any hardwood or some kind of...

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Know the List Of 15 Top Home Decor Accessories That You Must Have

We all have different type of home styles, while some like modern setting but another would like to go Scandinavian. The choice of style depends on person to person but no matter what there are few very important accessories that look amazing with any type of interior styles. People have lots of queries when it comes to buying the accessories of the rooms. Even you might have questions like what to put along with books in the bookshelves, what is the best table top décor for your coffee table, what should be on top of the sidebars, which wall...

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Top 10 Summer Interior Design Trends

Summer of 2017 is just round the corner and its knocking the doors of your home to let your know that this time the trends are hotter and sexier. The new styles have already taken their positions in the shops, studio, retailers, and online stories. Weather you have been active understanding the new trends or not but you must have already seen the latest makeovers either in the online stores or while window shopping. So today we have brought for you the top 10 trends that are going to make your room beam with glory. The best and our...

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13 Cross Country Style Trends Making Round In 2017

When we say design, there are like millions of décor culture that pops up in our mind. From modern ad chic to old country rustic styles the list goes on and on. But when you are not a designer and just a home maker trying to remodel your home, it becomes really difficult to understand the design culture and even after lots of research you cannot describe or define the interior design styles of each section. With a basket full of designs right in front of your eyes it becomes totally impossible to decipher which style trend you would...

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5 Iconic Home Décor Styles For Your New Home

We can be inspired to decorate our home from a lot of stuff around us. There might be that décor shop you passed by on your way to office or you might have visited a friend of your and show how amazingly they have renovated the home or you might have seen a movie and the best thing about it was the interior décor of the protagonist house. The options are many but to find the right one among them all is a little difficult. So today we will be telling you 8 exciting interior décor styles that are...

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