Month: May 2017

6 Budget Friendly Décor Ideas For Your Living Room

In every house around the world the first room that one steps into as soon as they enter the house is the living room. This is especially a room that is solely meant for entertaining the guest, although you do still want it to be filled with warmth and be comfortable for you and your loved ones. Since it is the place where your guest would be spending most of their time, it needs to be updated with the latest design trends and the best of accessories. But fashion changes very often and it is really very difficult to...

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4 Designer Secrets For Small Living Rooms You Would Be Glad To Know

Designing a home does not come easy everyone would agree to that. The trends of designing changes every year so getting too involved with lots of designs at a time is not going to help you because the trends changes and unless you are a billionaire, you can afford to change the setting every once in a year. But we don’t mean that you should stop bringing in décor stuff at all or never remodel your home, but knowing the limit is always helpful. Here let’s know these amazing designer hacks that would help us make a difference to...

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Fantastic Décor Ideas For Bachelors

Are you an individual staying alone and cosy & compact is the word that best describe your home? If yes, then we are bringing you few really exciting home décor ideas that could make your cosy space a wonderful abode. This décor tips for limited space is best for all the studio apartments and small homes either for individual or a neutral family. What you might have thought to be a cramped tight space could be a cosy warm room full of surprises. 1.Furniture is the foremost thing that you have to check before purchasing because it has to...

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5 Paint Colours To Soothe Your Mind

We never realise how the colour of our home can have an enormous effect in our mind, body and soul. They play a very important role in changing our mood, especially the wall paints. Study shows that the shade of the wall painting plays a major role in changing our emotional state, as there are few shades that can make us happy, few that can make us feel down, few that would make us afraid, some would suppress our appetite and lot many that matches to a myriad of different feelings. Sue Kim is a Valspar Colour Expert and...

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