We can be inspired to decorate our home from a lot of stuff around us. There might be that décor shop you passed by on your way to office or you might have visited a friend of your and show how amazingly they have renovated the home or you might have seen a movie and the best thing about it was the interior décor of the protagonist house. The options are many but to find the right one among them all is a little difficult. So today we will be telling you 8 exciting interior décor styles that are perfect for any type of modern homes.

Designers usually use various elements and blend them together to create their masterpieces but in every house they have to create significantly different décor styles and it’s crucial to create great spaces one after another. There are thousands of interior design styles but we have specifically outlined these 8 designs that are currently trending and in roll for this year. There are additional accents and collections that might give you an idea on what to shop and how to do you’re shopping easily.  The images, decorated room pictures, accessories and décor recommendations will for sure inspire you to decorate your home instantly.

  1. Modern Décor Style

During the 20th century there had been a very good change in the décor world creating few of the most iconic designs of modern art. These décor had the most characterized elements like the concentrated lines, simple shapes and natural curves. The great masters of the time like Niemeyer, Noguchi, Jacobsen and others like them had been busy focusing in distinct ways of using new materials in the most creative ways. The designs of the century had moulded plastics for the departmental look, aluminium for all the industrial look and plywood for the traditional wooden look. The designs ad materials used during that period has high versatility rate and can shift their outlook according to a myriad of different styles.

These mid-century inspired home is a great way to make your home look traditional and stylish. The best way to create this look is to mix and match the various elements of the design styles of the 20th century and the modern styles to keep the home looking fresh and charming. If you follow too much of the traditional design it would be boring compared to the newest addition so keep the look balanced and try to blend in both in similar hues, textures and patterns. You could bring in mid-century curated pieces from any flea market or antique store and add them to your interior for that aesthetic touch.

  1. Exclusive Industrial Style

When the industrial era started the home design styles and décor materials also changed with it. There was a very remarkable change in the approach of people regarding style. Where home decoration was not an important area to focus, it became renowned and many people, high and low class started focusing on it. They started blending in wooden elements with exposed steel and completely changed the way one looked at home styling till then. Along with the wooden and steel implementation the most common complement was the use of exposed brick walls.

Implement this style with copper induced elements and a touch of rustic presence with tethered woods and vintage decor. Study the design and furnish your home in this charming look. The most important notion of this style is the rustic essence which can be acquired even with the modern décor elements. Mix it with silhouette lines and gigantic ornaments to give it a traditional yet modern look. Depending on the type of style and decorum you want for your interior, you can change the style from light to dark to chic to antique. It’s upon you as the environment should match to your personality and soothe your mind.

You can bring in rustic coffee tables; install a traditional Oriental rug, tufted neutral or beige sofa, old grandfather clock and other such beautiful industrial pieces with modern touch and decorate the home in the best way. If you are looking out for some luxury items then you should visit the restoration hardware stores for your high-end luxurious industrial designs.

  1. Marine Culture

Don’t you feel calm, relaxed, composed and positive just by seeing this room? Everybody does, this is how the style and design of the room is made like. Marine or nautical style reflects a lot of beach house spirit and cabin décor. Most of the elements inside the room have back stories attached to it and everything seems like souvenirs bought back from distant places.

This room with the white sand foundation and the various accents in the primary blue print completes the look of a captain’s cabin. Marine or coastal theme styles usually have unfinished tethered furnishers, rickety chairs, wooden cabinets with a touch of breezy linen upholstery installed for the sofas and chair seats. In this style your options to bring in decorative accents are many. You can bring in a surf board rug for your bathroom; add seashells in a clear jar, install a jute rug in your living room, add rowing oars at wall décor, hang navigational maps, put colourful stones and bottled sailboat in the racks and many more such great options.

Go to a design store and look for nautical inspired décor stuff and coastal inspired furniture. You will find some great finds in this category at stores like Pottery Barn and Pier 1.

  1. Scandinavian style

This style came into being during the mid-century’s modern movement and it brought in a trend of going with the most minimalistic stuff around the home and keeping things simple. This style trend has garnered lots of popularity and still till date people are in love with this look and style. Modern day people associate this style with IKEA since they are the best in keeping their products smart, chic and simple.


This style has lots of calming contours and everything associated with it is balanced and low lying. It has lots of playful accent colours which pop up a splash of beauty at various corners of the home. The designs are very detailed with organic and engineered materials that feature contemporary and functional setting. Most of the time this style focuses mostly on Bauhaus principle by following a set pattern, obliging under fluid lines, retaining its proportions and not tracking off from it long maintained populist appeal. There are various Scandinavian theme homes which use white and grey combination as the base design of the room and keeping that as focal point the rest of the accents are improvised.

  1. Hippie Culture

Bohemian or Hippie style speaks in loud the words adventurous, free-spirited, bountifulness. This style captures the carefree nature of people and showcases it in the surrounding. You will find a lot of mixed culture and many creative elements in this style of home décor. In this room you will see a wide range of vibrant colours and too much of rich patterns. The purple tone accents makes the place look happy and welcoming also screaming out the bohemian culture. The most important thing about this room is that the messy look is created by the designer, that’s the purpose of the whole presentation with layers of cushions, rugs, tapestry thus creating a very cosy and welcoming approach.

When you want to feature this type of style in your home, bring in products that would give away a very nomadic vibe. Various items like tribal inspired designs, handmade quilts, Moroccan inspired crafts and colourful ethnic embroidery wall arts are the trending designs of this style. You can also look out for stuff that has elements of boho chic textile, wooden or animal printed hides, metallic or cooper accents or the best of all contemporary abstract art.

IMAGE CREDIT: http://blog.froy.com