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5 ways home furniture industry is changing

Furniture industry has faced a lot of hurdles during the economic recession as the general public starting spending less in the non-essential items. The dealers were largely impacted with the situation but recently with the economy gaining its pace, the demand for furniture has increased. In fact, according to a recent study the U.S. furniture industry has been growing bigger than the U.S economy. This is largely because the housing market has started growing which ultimately results to growth of furniture buying. According to a recent study the global market for furniture and floor covering by 2019 the furniture market would reach a growth of $695...

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Top trending contemporary custom rugs for your home

Rugs have always been an important part of home décor but while earlier they used to be  utilities now they have become more of a fashion essential. Starting with durability and functionality they have transformed into items of luxury and fashion with time. Each and every one of us has a taste which is different from the rest of the world and with custom rugs the option to choose has taken manifold. Now one’s choice isn’t limited to any rug with basic floral pattern and mundane tones. The custom rug market has brought in so many different textures and...

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