Author: Sara Santacaz

Decorating Tips for Igniting your Living room

1. This rustic room is given a warm twist with exposed brick and a great coffee table. You should try to make your living room your abode of collectables like this awesome vintage fan.   Image source :goodhousekeeping 2. Add an artistic touch to your walls with a gallery of major art piece collection; let the artist in you show its talent. Image source :goodhousekeeping   3. Designer Sarah Richardson loves colours and she totally transformed this cream bungalow with a phenomenal twist of orange. Image source :goodhousekeeping   4. Playing safe doesn’t mean that you need to just...

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How to Ignite Your Living Room with these Amazing Decorating Tips

Change to a room like pasting simple wallpaper, paint a wall or changing the drapes could bring in so much difference to the way a room looks that it is simply amazing. Whether you stay in suburbs or the city, creating your own warm space is something all of us wish for. Decorating seems to be a very difficult task and many of us do not understand how to be creative or how simple changes could make such a vast difference. But there are no rulebooks to follow; all you need to do is check in few minute details...

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6 Unexpected Ways to Decorate your Home with House Plants

When we say plants it naturally comes to your mind that it should be outside your home, like at the terrace or the patio or the garden but indoor plants are great ideas to enhance your interiors as well. They are extremely versatile and are very interesting way to turn your tables and corners lively. They add great texture as well as keep the room environment fresh. Various studies show that adding a plant to your room helps you distress and purify the air. There are lots of options from which you can choose to add to your room,...

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