Every one of us wants a home which has a beautiful interior and cosy space that gives us eternal peace every time we enter. The exterior of a home should be good but it’s the interior which matters the most, especially if you want to impress your guest. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to buy an expensive sofa or antique art piece to make your space look extraordinary, just a few touch ups here and there could transform the room totally. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your home with minimal accessories.

  1. Dining room collection- Add beautiful dramatic collection to your dining table, they may or may not exactly match with the table but they will look exclusive. Like in this Atlanta House designed by Beth Webb, where you can see this elm plank table by Clubcu with its small Chinese Porcelains makes the space look amazingly beautiful.
  2. Interior Curtains- Curtains are always necessary when it comes to decorating your room and they always add a sense

of perfection. This Atlanta House has this fine linen curtain around the span of the kitchen which can be pulled to hide the mess created when preparation is going on.

  1. Designer Ken Fulk’s Massachusetts vacation home has this great nautical theme spacious bedroom that shouts out sailor from every nock and corner. The look of the bedroom is just perfect and the beautiful mix and match of the patterns and prints just gives the complete aura a feeling of old textiles collected while on a long sea journey. The four poster bed used to belong to the previous owner of the house and it certainly adds another charming antique touch to the whole setting.
  2. Bedroom is the place where you can forget all your stress and tension and be yourself. That should be your personal abode and by adding an antique to it certainly does the work. Like this vacation home of Fulk which has this old bath that sure feels too old for the modern setting of the house yet fits in perfectly well with the ambiance.
  3. Designer Zin Loy’s Kansas City Home’s Dining room is painted white, the room which was previously a loggia now looks extraordinarily bright, shiny and airy. Try painting an inexpensive item of your room completely white to give it an indifferent touch. Like here the designer made this cheap table that she found at an estate sale and coloured the base white and now its arms looks like a Barbara Cosgrove Chandelier.
  4. Covering your walls with expensive art pieces could put a hole in your pocket. Instead try this new look of placing plates on your walls, they come cheap and they really stand out when decorated in your dining hall. Designer Loy says she found this amazing Hackerware at Ebay where she finds beautiful plates at rates so cheap it makes her cry. She started collecting them and covered the whole wall with plates representing one masterpiece.
  5. Your walls sometimes need a little extra touch of creativity. Like Loy did to her guest room with the vinyl shades, you could do too. She took the roll of wallpaper which people usually would throw away and wallpapered them on her vinyl shades. It is unique, classy and look too lovely with the canopy bed with black pain that help create a great silhouette.
  6. Runways are great way to fill up light and colours to your pale hallways. Designer Burnham redesigned this California house with Turkish runners at the 2nd floor hallway and see how it brings along elegance with it. She says that this vintage carpet could do wonders to any plain hallway and this tattered rug with its faded looks gives the whole area a bohemian look.
  7. Seating arrangement should always be perfect, keep the furniture away from the walls always as that would create a much needed intimate seating as suggested by Betsy Burnham. In this California house she kept the console table away from the sofa and decked them up with vintage lamps and Chinese monkeys.
  8. At times vintage souvenirs play a very crucial role in the home décor list. Like this room at the Hampton’s cottage which has old curtains and furniture spread out. Everything in the room has a story of its own and each piece is so unique and beautiful, they add a sense of dramatic touch to it says designer Podge Bune. The old dining room curtains you see in the room was designed by Guild and this types are no more made by any craftsman around the world which makes it special and cherished like the rest of the things.