Summer of 2017 is just round the corner and its knocking the doors of your home to let your know that this time the trends are hotter and sexier. The new styles have already taken their positions in the shops, studio, retailers, and online stories. Weather you have been active understanding the new trends or not but you must have already seen the latest makeovers either in the online stores or while window shopping. So today we have brought for you the top 10 trends that are going to make your room beam with glory. The best and our favorites are here.

  1. Glowing White-Shades of white is making the whole of showroom business glow like the morning sunshine. It’s bright, breezy, fresh, modern, airy and inviting. This apartment with the white lines sofa is the most beautiful thing you must have seen today in the compact interiors. Finished up with the off-white microfiber and sleek aluminum legs are everything else to perfection. Adding to the glory of the room is the geo brass pulls that add a charming elegance to the setting. Designer Ceci Thompson adds the fixed wall shelf which removes the tension of bringing in any kind of other furnishing. The removable brass poles that are essentials for hanging your clothing make it odd elements yet are perfect in every way possible.

  1. Shining Gold– Brass shade items had been in fashion for a while now and we think they are not going anywhere in the near future. So if you have anything that’s shining and gold, exhibit it with pride. Though designers have started using less or cooper since some time but gold is not going anywhere soon and would still be dazzling for long. Designers have started making new furniture exhibiting the trimmed brass element and there is a wide use of golden accents in the interiors. You will find a charming collection of accents and furniture in H&M home designs parading gold with a touch of pink. Few of the new finds that you will see at the H&M stores are the metal framed furniture and the mirrors that would adorn your living room.

  1. Wooden Surface– Wood surface have always been a part of the fashion statement world and just like metal they are shiny and bright. A wide range of wooden pieces are being added in the showrooms of Urban Outfitters that would be featuring as their summer collection. Even this matron zigzag stool looks just perfect to embellish your boring living room interior. The seating arrangement looks amazing with the choice of wood as material and the double side tables’ acts exactly like a cherry on the top. If you did live this stunning collection, you should definite head towards Matro Coffee Table that is crafted from white cedar; they are must haves for your living room interior in this summer. Whether you are featuring a Bono chic look or want to go way too far with clean-lined modern styles, wooden surface would complement all of them.

  1. Table Top Décor– The most trending styles that is going to rule this summer is the two-toned table top shades in it. Acting as contrast to this glass vase by H&M Home is a statement accessory everyone would love to take home with. They look stunningly beautiful and the floor vases have a contemporary hue on the outside while a dazzling looks on the outside.

  1. Motifs– Motifs have been making the round for quite some time now and this summer the terrazzo motif is getting a stronger preference over the rest. They play a golden role in remodeling the modern style homes by playing the part of refined wallpaper that lets you design the walls like terrazzo floor tile on the walls. The interesting part is that you will find terrazzo motif in almost everything from pillow covers to cushion set to even photo frames. If installing wallpapers is too bold bring in a set pillow covers and style up your room with

  1. Geometric Pattern-Geometric patterns are not a style that has been in use recently, they have been in the design world before anything else. Even though they are so much in fashion yet there are plenty of styles that are yet to be discovered and used, especially in the textile zone. Doesn’t this graphic grid pattern pillow look amazingly cool And even the Mouton’s Title cushion with the geometric motif design in the perfect accent to adorn any kind of interiors.

  1. Woven Textiles– This summer you will be seeing a lot of woven patterns in the designs. They are an amazing creation and you will just fall in love with their sleek, refined and streamlined décor, adding them into the interiors adds a charming impact and you can complement them with any style of interiors starting with modern to rustic. This jute basket by H&M makes the appearance of the room complete and ethereal at the same time. Even rugs are great addition of this summer affair, especially the handtufted ones with colorful yarns weaved together makes a great statement for your living room.

  1. Swirled Motif-Many designers claim that marbles are about to go out of design with people focusing more on wooden flooring. But the swirled motif tiles are knocking the door and acquiring the attention of many. The best creation of this style is the swirled motif tiles are knocking the door and glass vase. They are hand blown and the construction is so amazing that one cannot pass by without having a second glance. Another unique and awesome thing about it is that no two products are made of the same style; each one is different and beautiful in its own way.

  1. Tropical– This hot style has started to trend just a few seasons back and this summer it’s going to stay for good. The tropical décor style is just amazing, doesn’t this room looks airy, open and calm like the summer air? The room style and accents says it all. The breezy finds would soothe your mind all time during the hot summers and the additional floral patterns just makes you feel like enjoying the spring all over again.

  1. Artificial House Plants– With people getting busier day by day and families getting smaller, no one wants to spend too much time maintaining house plants, which is why the trend of decorating a room with faux plants is the new trend of the season. Top brands around the world are working hard to produce plants that look more lifelike and let you adorn your home with it. Believe us, they way they are created they look much prettier than the real ones and it’s really hard for anyone to go wrong with faux succulents. These beauties serve as life saviors when you want to bring in a little outdoor nature to your interiors but also do not want to spend too much time looking after them.

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