Lighting that is intelligently placed gives a space depth, height, and warmth. In addition, attaining the perfect balance of light and shadow will always bring energy to the design, which should never be overlooked. with the mystical power of the world’s most prized designs, is ready to create a visual statement in your home office!





The stunning and unique dance routines of famed pop diva Tina Turner were the inspiration for the Turner Table Lamp. Turner is a handmade, large table lamp constructed of brass and aluminum. To prevent generating an unpleasant glaze for the user, the body is gold-plated and the shade is black matte on the outside and gold powder paint on the inside. The five movable arcs on this black table lamp can be moved into any desired position, giving it a whimsical atmosphere and allowing you to create the right composition to fit your modern home décor.





Jonathan Adler’s work is a remarkable blend of patterns, colors, and materials, and he creates some of the most distinctive interior design projects. The interior designer creates spaces with a range of visual interest, and he makes extensive use of geometric shapes and varied sized furniture.





Nancy Table Lamp is an art deco lighting fixture that can brighten up the décor and life of your house! This lamp is created in brass and aluminum by trained artisans using ancient procedures to make this masterpiece, which is inspired by golden age classics. Nancy Table Lamp will look great in any mid-century modern home office.




The Liberty Suspension Lamp has the stunning and spectacular lines of the Liberty family. Its depth and intricacy blend effortlessly, making it excellent for people who value precise attention to detail. With its extraordinary beauty, this combination of brass and crystal glass guarantees to invigorate any project.





Pierre Yovanovitch creates one-of-a-kind interiors that are always adapted to the genius loci, as well as the client’s personality and way of life. Using fine materials such as rare woods, stone, marble, and metal, he transforms the region into a visually striking example of exquisite harmony.





The Apache are a Native American tribe that were the first to settle in the wild parts of Colorado. With a white marble base, matte walnut veneer, polished brass, and a white satin fabric abet-jour, the Apache Table Lamp was created to represent the majesty of Colorado’s landscapes. This table lamp adds a personal touch to any space.





This fashionable ceiling light is a genuine luxury statement. The Matheny Chandelier is a one-of-a-kind item that takes a modern approach to mid-century design. It features a geometric pattern of connected tubes and is constructed entirely of brass. It has a spherical shape and is comprised of golden tubes that resemble the fineness of a traditional light. This lavish chandelier light, which weighs 110 pounds, may be utilized to illuminate a modern living room or dining area.





The cypress tree offers a wide range of symbolic and ornamental benefits. It served as the idea for our Cypres Floor Lamp, which has gold-plated brass and nickel-plated brass glossy finishes, gold-plated brass shaders, and an estremoz marble base. In any modern home design plan, this slim floor light will stand out.





Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s style has been described as “eclectic, luxurious, clever, comfortable, and bold,” with “Hollywood glamour meets ethnic exotica.” His “abundant use of texture, color, and amazing attention to detail,” as well as his “strong command of proportion and scale, a deft touch with color and pattern, and an exuberantly global sensibility” have all been commended.





Supernova Chandelier was born from the violent explosion of a massive star. In a moment, a bright starburst was hung in a unique lighting configuration. Supernovae may outshine whole galaxies and produce more energy in a single second than our sun will produce in its entire lifetime. The suspended brass particles of the Supernova Chandelier will create a timeless, brilliant, and magnificent environment.


All pics credit by : Best Interior Designers