Rugs have always been an important part of home décor but while earlier they used to be  utilities now they have become more of a fashion essential. Starting with durability and functionality they have transformed into items of luxury and fashion with time. Each and every one of us has a taste which is different from the rest of the world and with custom rugs the option to choose has taken manifold. Now one’s choice isn’t limited to any rug with basic floral pattern and mundane tones. The custom rug market has brought in so many different textures and prints that one can easily choose a masterpiece according to the texture of their wall, the design of the interior. The high fashioned furniture and the abstract flooring style. Rugs of today are made of bolder designs with strong and vibrant designs, laid back patterns, abstract textures and varied pile heights which can easily transform your space to a sophisticated and distinct appeal. The perfection of home decoration has become completely different with the introduction of custom rugs. While it was a simple floor cover or cold protection earlier, now they have become essential accessories to make one place distinct from another. Contemporary rugs have been now tagged as luxury items and essential item at every high end homes. Having a look at the various high end homes and drawing inspiration from their interiors, here are few fantastic rug styles that could help you turn your space into a happy home.

Style 1
Custom rugs could be made into any style and shape you want and this variety of layers has changed the look of modern rugs. Other than the layer, textures are very important design tool for any kind of rug as this is the essence which gives the room the needed warmth of the room. With the help of the texture one could change the appearance when made in sync with the colour  and furniture of the space. When you add layers to your rugs, you have the option to play with the colour contrast and bring out the uniqueness of the piece. A Moroccan diamond rug could be a fine dine for your space providing you an enviable staged look with its sophisticated texture, warm colour palette and chic aura, so that everyone that enters your room would be bound to admire it.

Style 2
Rugs nowadays can be made of any shape which has given the designers multiple options to craft one in a way that would adorn any room like a diamond in a woman’s neck. You can now bring in various tile rugs together and create one astounding design. You could easily accent your personal space unifying these tiny pieces together and transform the space with a personalized look. Tile rugs are very different in look and texture than the other rugs and could help you give your home a distinct appeal. Try using colours that would appeal your sense of peace or go for a vivid combination of charcoal, silver or grey tone rugs with warm blue or turquoise colour walls to give the room a beach look which you mesmerize everyone.

Style 3
Another very different style of custom rugs is the shag rugs and you cannot simply ignore these cosy pieces of art. They are soft, luxurious, fluffy and just irresistible with the warm texture and sinking mushiness. They are best to be adorned at your bedroom or your toddler’s room. The much needed mushy texture effortlessly enrich the room giving it the required warmth and inviting feel. Decorate your home with a velvety soft shag rug like merino to balance the traditional touch as well as a contemporary look.

Style 4
Another great rug that we have come up with is the barcode collection that is making the rounds in the designer market recently. They are actually a modern touch to the age old weaving technique and the varied style it has brought really makes the piece one among all. You can easily claim that this single piece of art has all the required element of depth, fascination, drama, uniqueness all moulded together to turn it into a masterpiece. Whether you want to enhance your room in a traditional or unconventional style, the way stripes could embellish the whole area is simply striking. They don’t just promote royalty but also brings in order, balance and playful edge. Experiment with solid colours as that would complement any theme setting. Create a ravishing décor by bring in a barcode rug to you home and be the talk of the town.

Style 5
Traditional rugs have been favoured among rest since yester age. Kings and queens of faraway decade would boost about this priced possession. Recently they have taken over the market like never before and have become the new trendsetter of the town. You can simply say that they are the rulers of rug world and designers around the world love to craft them. They are not just rich but are opulent and could be experimented with any interior style as they have a fuse of different colours intricate together. The traditional rugs are only hand knotted which gives it a classy look and boost the design of the room. Hand knotted imperial rugs are important design accessory and are prudent investment that will adorn your home for ages. This rich and superior quality rug has a distinct appeal of its own and you can find hoards of different designs among them. You could pick a design of your choice and boost your mundane interior with a distinct and quality appeal. You can choose a Bhakhtiyari Persian design traditional rug to give your home a royal touch or go for a Oushak design for a modern and classy

Decorate your home into the space you have always dreamt of by adding these aesthetic and rustic styles. Try selecting the rugs that are made of natural fibre as they are less prone to chemicals so are environment friendly and also durable.

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