As we evolve and grow old there always comes a point in our life when we want to make our surrounding a happier and cosier place, a place that makes us feel at bliss. A moment always comes when we realize that the tattered orange stained rugs, that brown ugly couch, those airless beanbags of your college days has to go out of the picture. But how do you suddenly start decorating your home, where do you start and how to get that perfect ambiance of the room? Well, the very first thing you should do is get a rug of your choice and depending on the colours of the rug, you should start renovating the room. Today we will be telling you how to decorate your home with rugs and which are the best places to adorn your rug.


Soul of the Room

Rugs are important and also most essential home décor item and it can easily become the foundation of crafting the design of the room. Designers usually suggest that one should always get the rug first because often they are the most concentrated piece which helps determine the rest of the interiors. Once you select the rug design and the colour, matching the theme you can accordingly buy curtains, furniture, wall hanging and the rest of the items. Famous designer David Scott suggest that the rug should always be the masterpiece, the soul of the room and rest everything should connect to it.


Family Friendly

Designing a room only becomes most essential when you start a family; individuals never bother to go to the extreme length to renovate the house. So, when family comes into pictures it is certain that there would be children as well as pets and they will bring in wear and tear for sure. So when you are decorating a room and there are children or pets in the house, you should always be careful in choosing the colour and fabric of the rug. You should always keep in mind the way your day passes and focusing on that you should choose your rug. when there are kids or pets around you should go for rugs made of wool as it is certain that there would be stains and spills. Woollen rugs are easy to clean and have its own way of hiding small stains, hair, spills or shedding.


Sizing Matters


The size of the rug plays a very important role in enhancing the room, if it is too large it would look odd and if it’s too small it will look out of place. You should always make the size a bit smaller than the furniture that’s covering the room. The rug should be such that it should be enough to anchor and balance the gathering and yet there should be enough area for the surrounding flooring. The layout of the furniture or the placement of rug should also be looked upon and while placing the sofa on the rug, you should see that the front legs are placed on the sofa.


Go for patterns that talk about you


It is said that the way you decorate your space says a lot about your personality. So always try to give it a personal touch and let people know your choices. Don’t bound yourself and go for designs and patterns that are common, break out of your comfort zone and dare to improvise your dream theme into the space. Great example of going out of the line designs are matching a zebra inspired rug in a room where everything is painted white, starting from wall to the furniture.



Colours bring beauty



Colours play very important role in every kind of designs, be it fashion or interior. When you combine a bold coloured rug in a space which has neutral colour and dull furnishing, that bold colour would add a different kind of charm to the room. It is a very unusual way to bringing whole focus to your expensive rug and diverting the eyes from your old furniture. Also if you want to add more colour to the room but you do not want to change the wall painting or the window treatments, bringing in a coloured rug would do the job. You could also differentiate the spaces of a large room with the help of different coloured rugs placed at various places.