Many good traits are associated with the color blue, including trust, loyalty, honesty, knowledge, intellect, and confidence, as well as faith and heaven. Blue is regarded to be good for the mind and body since it has a relaxing impact and is even supposed to slow down human metabolism. Dark blue is connected with solidity and depth if bright colors make you feel chilled. With all of this in mind, doesn’t it seem like a very good color choice for a relaxing room? We agree, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite blue living room décor ideas to help you unwind your mind, body, and spirit.



One of the most calming paint colors has to be this pure sky blue. The aesthetic is maintained fresh and straightforward by pairing it with white neighboring walls, floor, and furniture. Indoor plants add a modest splash of green to the palette, providing a subtle contrast. Black accessories, such as a console unit, pillows, and nested coffee tables, give the light concept just enough weight.




This dark blue lounge décor with a plum-colored sofa and yellow ochre pillows is likely to inspire if dark and opulent grandeur is more your thing. The coffee table has a cluttered aspect thanks to the ornate bowl and the books. The sumptuous design is finished off with bronze accents and colorful wall art.




Another dark blue interior scheme, but this time with a pop art atmosphere thanks to high contrast sunny yellow highlights and graphic prints on cushions, artwork, and a geo mat that gleams through the glass top of a mid-century modern coffee table. Take note of how the living room wall décor closely complements the rest of the space’s color scheme.




In this living area, there’s a sense of a beach vibe. Striped chairs with low backs, similar to classic deck chairs, and a tasseled area rug on a pale floor, similar to a beach rug on pale sands. A main wall, suggestive of a beach bungalow, is covered in blue panels. With the addition of black metal coffee tables and distinctive wall shelves, the seaside aesthetic is reined in and given a modern edge.




The tone of the focal wall is duplicated and extended throughout the room via an upholstered L-shaped couch in this dark blue living room motif. To break up the monotony, a bright yellow accent chair with a matching footstool has been installed.




Only one diluted blue cushion on the opposite side echoes a single wall of bright blue. Purple heather pillows and drapes nicely match the blue tones, while one vibrant chartreuse strip balances the room’s visual weight. A black coffee table, trendy rocking rocker, and a designer table lamp offer the foundation notes, while the sofa and floor are neutral and light.




Purple and blue are at it again, but this time in a far more vibrant combination. The vivid colors are softened by the abundance of white and light wood tones in the surrounding area.




Is there a color that soothes the eyes more than duck egg blue? In this pastel-colored room, the relaxing color of this handmade bookshelf has been paired with a lovely blush sofa. The charming clash of pink and blue is toned down here with the addition of a soft sage accent wall and rich wood stain.




In this open plan area, a wall of light blue storage cabinets serves as a nice separator. The inclusion of soft pink, this time in the form of an area rug, has softened the blue tone once again. The lovely colors add interest to the monochromatic concept while remaining soothing rather than upsetting.




Against a teal background, this velvety contemporary sofa is hidden. A full moon and its reflection in a quiet pond are reflected in a round mirror and round coffee table.




Midnight blue wainscoting is complemented with an orange Chesterfield sofa and a gold floor reading lamp.




This towering sky blue living room looks wonderful, like staring up into a cloudless summer sky.




The edge of this black, white, and blue living room sparkles with electric blue. Although blue is often regarded to be a relaxing color, this shade seems energizing.




The surprising style of a color coordinated decorative bicycle in this room arrangement is one of our favourites. The bright red seat adds a lovely pop of color.




In this massive pattern, orange and blue collide once more. The combination is naturally striking since blue is on the opposite side of the color wheel from orange.




Yellow is just a smidgeon away from orange on the color wheel, making it another eye-catching combination.




A more subdued blue-yellow combination.




Only the sofa, one cushion, and a lampshade have been given color in this lounge décor.




The azure blue sofa’s strong tone has been broken up with large light cushions that complement the general décor, as well as black pillows that match the kitchen base units, teapot, and cups.




You may go as bright as you like against a backdrop of wood and concrete.




Using several tones of the same color creates depth and intrigue.




The odd design of the sofa is highlighted with a vibrant color in this minimalist living room, adding interest.




This arrangement is balanced with a pair of identical blue accent chairs.




A single one-of-a-kind coffee table might be your eye-catching blue accent…




…or a blue piece of wall art.




Living rooms with huge wall art might be kept simple to allow the art to speak for itself.




This room is bathed in a lovely blue light from a blue aquarium.




An lit aquarium lends a splash of color to this otherwise monochrome environment. The space is flanked on either side by blue-tinted glass, which is reflected in the middle by a pair of glass coffee tables.




Color changing LEDs can be a great alternative to painting on permanent color.


All pics credit by : Home Designing