When we say design, there are like millions of décor culture that pops up in our mind. From modern ad chic to old country rustic styles the list goes on and on. But when you are not a designer and just a home maker trying to remodel your home, it becomes really difficult to understand the design culture and even after lots of research you cannot describe or define the interior design styles of each section. With a basket full of designs right in front of your eyes it becomes totally impossible to decipher which style trend you would be in love with and what would work amazingly for you. And then there are designers of the new generation who fusions up so many style that you get more confused.

So today here we are going to decode 12 of the most stylish trend circulating this year and give you a bit of information about each style and how each of them differs from one another.

  1. Modern Style– This is not actually a definite design with designated accents and styles but actually means a home that is clean, has distinct lines, follows a simple neutral or basic one colour palette and has materials that would include silver, cooper, steel and glass. You won’t find too much of complicacy in this style and every element have simplicity and balanced look attached to it. Even the furniture of modern style designs have the most simplest of furniture. People mostly call such styles sleek as there aren’t much of chaotic elements of accessories involved.

  1. Contemporary– People almost always misplaces contemporary with modern styles but they are very much different than each other. Unlike modern it has a defined style and design basics through which one can identify it. The most important and the biggest difference between both the designs is that modern design has a strong sense of interpretation of styles that came into being during the 20th century while contemporary design involves a lot around fluid and current styles. It has a lot less adherence to a certain style and captures a lot of elements. To understand better a room with contemporary style would have lots of curvy lines and colour pop ups whereas you won’t find them in the modern style. Where modern would have lots of cliché fixed accents but contemporary would involve variance.

  1. Industrial Style– You can make a guess from the name itself the type of design a room would have under this category. The name itself defies that it would chic, rustic and a little woody. You will see a lot of rawness in the furniture and exposed brick, ductwork, wooden doors, tethered chairs is very common in this style world. You won’t see lots of home in this style but there might be spaces like the loft of a house or the kitchen or the living room of an earlier industrial building. The most common features of this style are high ceilings, metallic lighting fixtures, old timber showcases and functional portable furniture. There might be a picture or two of abstract art of photograph to add a little colour and brightness to the neutral base.

  1. Semi modern style– This style is a replica of the designs that were popular during the 50’s and 60’s. This design has a sense of retro culture enacted in it and makes anyone nostalgic about the mid-century design. The style is mostly clean and fuss free with elements of minimalistic. You will see lots of natural as well as organic shaped accessories and furniture and too much of emphasis will be given away to the pared-down figurines. The common things that would be featured are egg-shaped chairs, portable and easy-to-use furniture, contemporary designs and many types of upholstery made out of natural fabric. Semi-modern style homes could be found in lots of houses and it is great to complement your interiors and even sync them with the exterior.

  1. Minimalistic– This style would literally mean that you start enjoying your surrounding comfortably and conveniently with fewer things around. Working out this style might look easy enough but it isn’t. It is a very popular culture in Australia and it is a design that blends in modern and contemporary to make it simpler and enchanting. You will see mostly neutral palettes with airy like prints. The furniture would mostly be simple and there would be nothing flamboyant with any of the décor and accents. It is actually a room that defines functionality, not adding intricacies and removing layers.

  1. Scandinavian– We all need a little Nordic styles in our life and Scandinavian is the answer to your Nordic wants. It’s homage to this country’s culture and their simplicity. The style has a lot of essence bought in from the world of art though everything around is understated. You will find the furniture showcasing amazing functionality in thoughtful lines with influences of creative sculptors. Lots of white palette is seen and there are elements of wood, plastic, steel and aluminium in the whole design plan. You might sometimes see a pop up of colour in the neutral setting but it is only through the use of natural art like a fibre throw or house plant or natural fibre rug or a single piece of furniture. When you see a room with too much lighting, lots of space, functional modern furniture and minimum accessories, you are in a room styled with Scandinavian design.

  1. Transitional– This is a blend in of the traditional and modern styles and borrows few elements of both the design. You will see a lot of balanced and appealing textures which you may have not expected in this style sense. It will showcase the modern materials and have a touch of steel and glass in its furniture and designs. It also tries to add the modern elements and merges it with the plush furnishing to give it a very refined look. There are lots of neutral palettes in this design which lets one create a very warm and calm atmosphere. With this style you can easily create a relaxed space that looks stylish and sleek but is also welcoming and warm.

  1. French country– French country style comes with warm and inviting colours along with it. You will see lots of natural elements like wooden and earthy colours. It has a lot of similarity with the farmhouse style and you can tell it’s almost an inspiration of this old style but with an exciting twist. They have lots of warm tones in different bold colours like yellow, red, gold, green, blue and have a touch of natural material like brick and stone. In home décor accessories you will see porcelain dishes and vases, latest fabric bed coverings and lots of heavy linens.

  1. Bohemian style– This is a design that shouts out freedom, colour, motivation and fun. It is a popular style used by lots of people and is in popular culture for both fashion and interior décor world. There aren’t any rules followed by this style and you will see lots of creativity indebted in its accents and furniture. Like the hippie culture the elements doesn’t belong to a fixed place or time, but seems like a collection of various culture in one room. Vintage furniture and rustic lighting fixtures are common sightings. Lots of globally inspired collections, traditional and colourful rugs, textile of different culture and antique items are found to be widely displayed in this style. You shouldn’t be surprised to see floor coverings, pillows and comfortable seating arrangement in this style. The style is such that one can easily arrange a glam setting with just the use of worn-out rug and old rickety chairs. You will be in awe with the glamorous attitude it follows that says that anything that’s lovely will work out as long as you want.

  1. Country style- This is style inspired from the natural elements and has a lot of similarities with the countryside culture. You will find many raw and unfinished elements along with furniture made of wood and décor out of stone. Here accessories are designed with inspiration from natural and outdoor décor and showcases a sense of warmth and cosy environment. There will be architectural details as well that includes vaulted ceiling, wooden columns, reclaimed floors, rickety beams, textured chairs or antique almirah. With people going for too much fusion, you will see lots of modern furniture and accessories even in these rustic styled homes.

  1. Chic and Shabby– This is also a style inspired through the vintage art like the bohemian but unlike the bohemian, this do not have the bold colours. Instead of bold and daring they use a lot of feminine elegance and the accents are mostly soft and delicate. Even the furniture are often seen to be distressed and tend to have style and finish that represents antique look and elegance. You will see mostly palettes in cream, off-white, pastels, baby pink and beige. The lighting fixture and the wall hanging will also be ornamented and you will feel lots of feminine vibes coming from everything around the room.


  1. Glamorous– Known as the Hollywood regency style by most designers, this glam style shouts out royalty, luxury and sophistication from all corners of the room. It is actually a very dramatic themed design and is perfect for a person who loves to be around statement accessories and show-off among friends. It incorporates a lot of Victorian age designs that would include soft velvet, tufting, antique, premium furnishing and splurges. Each and everything would be dazzling and up to date with colours like red, violet and royal blue that shouts sophistication.

  1. Hampton style– This style is basically a theme inspired from the beachside areas of U.S. The beach like style includes too much light and open space like big windows, open patios and frilly white serene curtains. The most common palettes in this style are neutral shades that are collaborated with green and blue. Most of the furnishing is painted white or beige and wooden and coral accessories are found. There are also wooden doors and furniture painted white in this style, merged with striped blue paints. The interior gives you a feeling of relaxed and calm environment matching with the beachside feeling you get whenever you visit the seaside.

When you understand the various fundamentals and elements of designs and styling of the rooms, you get a clear picture of which style would best suit you. You can easily change the room according to your personality and taste. When you know and understand the difference of the various interior styles, you know how to conjure up the visions a room would create every time you enter. It helps you to build your personal bliss where everything soothes your mind and also provide you a great surrounding to entertain your guest.

IMAGE CREDIT https://rocheledecorating.com.au/