When we plan to enhance the look of our home we always need great ideas and suggestions. Sure, some people have brilliant ideas rushing up their mind but sometimes those ideas may not look good with your interior so you should always have alternative options when you decide to decorate your living room. There is a hoard of different home décor idea and tips and lots of them are yet to get discovered and many times one simple change lets you discover further. Here are a few fun and refreshing ideas that could help you makeover your home.

Balanced sophistication– When you are decorating a home give attention to even minute details and let each item of the room be connected to one another. Being on a certain part of the country, you might want to go with the theme but if you try something out of the blue and totally different, it has a charm of its own. Like in this Connecticut home’s living room with its serene sophistication and grey details, which even though is overlooking Long Island Sound and is a beach house but the detailing are not beach themed. Owner and architecture of the home, Louise Brooks says that she didn’t wanted to get the feeling of being in a beach house everyday which is why she opted to go with the dark flooring and warm classic details. She has designed it in such a way that every morning when her husband wakes up, he could have a view of the sea and his boat resting at the harbour. The walls are painted with pattern textures while wood could be detected in that venerable paint. The grey and white striped Elizabeth Eakins rug compliments well with the silver and grey shade side tables and the white furniture. The charming accessories on the fireplace wall shelf looks illuminating and the most notable in them is the pair of vintage lanterns placed at the middle shelf.


Interior Design: Lynn Morgan

Washington’s home– When designer Sallie Giordano took this Oyster Bay home of New York as her family holiday Retreat she knew how historically important the home is and that she had to do justice with the interior. This was once a retreat of George Washington and she did great to honour the importance of the home’s age. She glazed the walls of the living room with multilayer plaster in grey to give it a feeling that it has been there since the time it was built. It gives a texture which feels like it has been painted over and over again. With striated finish to the rest of the interior she gives a depth, antiqueness and patina to the ambiance.

Interior Design: Sallie Giordano

Curved in a modern way- When we talk about modern design than the first name that pops to our mind is Bob Williams. He gave his living room in Hickory, North Carolina a blend in of traditional and modern look by adding Mitchell Gold’s new furnisher designs with his classic mid-century favourites. You can see his taste of refinedness with the selection of the vintage Lucite chair, the leather armchair that resembles Eames style and the cardboard chair from Frank Gehry. Everything around the room blends in so well with each other no matter whether they are of modern style of traditional. He provides the feel of the room in the most elegant way with the traditional drapes and ice blue paint.

Interior Design: Bob Williams

Styled in the southern taste- The Atlanta home has this warm Venetian plaster walls which gives the room a taste of historic Southern style. The best addition of the southern style is the use of wood furnishing with the warm soothing fabrics. If you are from south you know how important window treatments are down there and this home has it as well. The window drapes hang from the ceiling to floor in full panel view giving an airy and breezy feeling. To not make everything look too southern, he adds the dreamy cream palette accents and combines them with the blue and chocolate taupe which makes the whole surrounding elegant and a pleasure to the eye.

Interior Design: Heather Dewberry and William C. Huff Jr.

Corporate couture– One slight glance at this amazing 1928 Mediterranean Revival is enough to tag it as elegant and perfect, even without any furniture placed in it. The room’s original architect Gordon B. Kaufmann made the flooring in scalloped plaster mouldings with intrigue designs crafted in it and Mark Williams didn’t want to remove this fine touch of elegancy. Respecting the original design of the home, he placed the rest of the decoration accordingly. The original fireplace was also kept in the way it was built with added touch of quiet furnishing in nude pastels. He believes that every detail of Kaufmann is so cliché and perfect that he didn’t wanted to mess up the beauty and rather blended his designs with the masterpiece.

Interior Design: Mark Williams

Simple Beauty- This Hancock Park house portrays elegance and beauty in a much greater scale than you imagined. The living room is just classy with the double decker walls made with arched windows that soars high and above giving you a mesmerizing view of the garden. Everything about the room is pure and simple and there is nothing fussy about it. The beauty and elegance of the place lies with its arches.

Interior Design: Mark Williams


When you are decorating a holiday home it should not be as simple as your city or suburban home, it should be your personal abode where every tension, stress and depression just vanishes and all you feel is relaxed, calm and comforting. It should not be practical like your suburban home but a heaven where every member of your family can enjoy a pleasurable time.