When it comes to my house, nothing is ever truly completed. So it’s only fitting that I’ve returned full circle in our decorating journey to the place where it all began: the dining room. I seldom find the first room to be completely perfect. And in our case, it was the paint color, as well as a few other features that were in desperate need of upgrading.

Those of you who followed my agonizing paint-selection process on Instagram stories will be delighted to see today’s post for a complete view of the color we chose! But it isn’t the only difference. The finishing touches to enhance the room include a big artwork shift and new gear from the collection.



So, let’s start with the paint color because I’m sure you’re going to ask! The walls were painted by a firm called Painter, which recently opened in Seattle. You can receive a price and book a painter through their website or app, and because they work with PPG (or Pittsburgh Paints), we chose a color from them! I chose ‘Serene Stream’ after much thought and a few paint swatches on the walls. It’s a little less pure blue and a little more green. I wanted it to complement the rug’s turquoise tones without being too dominating.



I’ll be making a separate post on my favorite blues that I discovered during the process, so stay tuned for more detailed paint instructions!

Also, you’ll see that we replaced our gallery wall with a mirror, which helps to open up the room and reflect more light. The scale is fantastic! I’d want to discover something a little more enjoyable in the future, but for now, this is perfect.

The room’s center point, of course, is a stunning encaustic painting by my close friend Jennifer Ament. I’ve admired this artwork for a long time and am thrilled to have it in our house! I’m not convinced this will be its permanent home, but I like it here for now.

But for today’s piece, I’d want to focus on a different aspect of this area.



Because the outlets are smack dab in the middle of the wall (for whatever reason), this room has proven extremely difficult in terms of hardware. We’ve just coped with the fact that they’ve been huge eyesores because our wiring is outdated and would need to be entirely ripped out and redone before relocating them.




The adorn outlets with customizable wall plate were one of the first items I picked for this space! It may be painted any color or used as a template for cutting out wallpaper or patterns. The template is totally adhered to the plate, making it seamless. I can’t begin to tell you how much of a difference it makes in the room’s aesthetics!

That artwork is also from Minted, and you can acquire it here.




Because artwork was such a crucial component of the renovation, anything else I hung on the walls became much more significant. Another reason to adore the outlet wall plates that blend in! However, for the light switch, I felt compelled to go a step farther…



One of my favorite aspects of the adorn series is how easy the plates can be swapped out! As someone who is always changing things up, I appreciate the ability to switch around colors, metals, and textures.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted a white mirror, a bespoke blue, or French wood in this room. So I got them all! Which one is your personal favorite?

Here’s how simple it is to replace the switch: the plate just snaps on once the switch is fitted. To replace it, just remove the top plate, align the new one in the proper location, and replace it! In addition, I replaced all of the switches and outlets myself. If you’re acquainted with basic wiring, it wasn’t too difficult!




For the time being, I think I’ll stay with the white plate because the finish is so stylish! It also makes the outlet plates stand out more, which I enjoy.

This room, on the other hand, is still a work in progress! I’d want to replace the white chairs with something more modern, and the chandelier with something similar. Because the room’s color scheme soon becomes country cottage, I believe I need more contrast and would love to replace that table, but we’re getting there!! How do you feel about the new paint color? What about the remaining area?


All pics credit by : Cassandra Lavalle