Whether you’ve been together for years or just moved in together, establishing the right environment where you both feel at ease may be challenging. Not just because everyone is unique, but also because determining how the bedroom should feel and appear may be difficult. Finding a style you both enjoy and sticking with it is the key to avoiding murdering each other over bedroom design. Here are some modern bedroom decoration ideas for couples that wish to move away from the classic look.


Retreat for Couples


Everyone wants their bedroom to seem like a sanctuary, whether they work from home or go to the office every day. It should feel like the one place in your house where you can unwind for the evening. You’ll need a few critical parts to pull this off, one of which is a shiplap wall. A shiplap wall in any space adds the right romantic touch. It’s attractive while yet feeling like every other Caribbean resort you’ve visited. Another thing to bear in mind is that the space should seem light and airy. The space will feel lighter the lighter it feels. Using light-colored tones will quickly and effortlessly open up the space.



Midcentury meets modern


You don’t have to stick to just one décor style in your bedroom; you may mix and match without concern. It’s time to combine modern and midcentury styles and fall in love. The simplest method to accomplish this is to use a color block and include wood into it. We recommend wearing all black. Black is adventurous and bold while being neutral. Introduce a black wall as the room’s focal point, while keeping the remainder of the space predominantly wood.



Bring in the outdoors



It’s time to introduce nature into your bedroom if it feels busy and less retreat-like. Many people overlook how welcome and peaceful a few natural elements can be. Decluttering a space may also quickly improve your attitude. Using plants to bring in nature and exhibit it. You may do this by placing a huge house plant in the corner of the room or putting fresh flowers on the counter.



Barn House Rustic


We adore rustic barn décor at Trendir. It’s stylish, entertaining, and soothing. It has everything you require in a bedroom. Bring in old barn wood and showcase it throughout the space. Place your worn object next to a modern piece and see how the space suddenly becomes cozier with that modern touch.



You Should Have Two Accent Tables


Men and women have diverse decorating styles, let’s face it. They also seem to clash the majority of the time. With that in mind, try having two tiny accent tables and enabling your spouse to choose which one they like. Not only will this motivate children to stay orderly, but they will also feel more involved in the decorating process.



Geometric Design


Geometric design is a decorative trend that is sweeping the nation. Having a geometric style does not imply that you must use it in every room. What this implies is that you may pick a spot and apply a few geometric designs to it. It is entirely up to you and your decorating showcasing whether you do it by adding a vibrant geometric display or a monochrome display.



Please put a background on me


It’s time to think about adding wallpaper to any space if you want a quick improvement. Not just any wallpaper, but one that both of you like. When making your final selection, think about your spouse since it will make you both feel more at ease and involved. Bring in a striking wallpaper to make the space feel twice as warm and inviting as before.



Grey and blush pink


Consider using two colors that are easy on the eye while yet being appropriate for both genders if you actually want to create a feminine and masculine display in the space. Blush pink and grey will come in helpful in this situation. Two lovely colors that work nicely together and alone. You want to perfectly combine both tones without having too much of either.



Simple and minimalistic


Most women consider decorating to be a fresh experience in which they may use their imagination or follow Martha Stewart’s lead. Others, on the other hand, consider decorating any area to be a work. If you want to be somewhere in the middle, a basic and minimal decorating style is the way to go. Declutter the space, keep it basic, and just add a few small accent items to liven it up. Bring in a light fixture that will instantly transform the space.



Large-Scale Lighting


Let’s pretend your master bedroom is almost finished. You and your spouse are both satisfied with the appearance of the room, but something is lacking that you can’t place. A huge light fixture is the solution. Nothing brings a space to life like a huge light fixture, so it only makes sense to install one and breathe new life into it right away.

Which of these suggestions would you consider? Let us know in the comments section.


All pics credit by : Trendir