Author: Lisa Smith

What accessories to use in decorating your Home

Bring in a colour combination to the room like this room by Gideon Mendelson where he added colour to the blue and white scheme wall with a splash of yellow and fresh flowers. Try adding things to a spot where people usually do not think. Be innovative like designer Alex Hitzadmits who added this huge portrait of his friend at the bookshelf. It may look a bit weird but still it’s funny and adds an interesting twist to the spot. Try adding some rustic metal chairs instead of your formal ones as it would create a very beautiful casual...

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How to Decorate Your Room with Easy Accessories

Every one of us wants a home which has a beautiful interior and cosy space that gives us eternal peace every time we enter. The exterior of a home should be good but it’s the interior which matters the most, especially if you want to impress your guest. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to buy an expensive sofa or antique art piece to make your space look extraordinary, just a few touch ups here and there could transform the room totally. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your home with minimal accessories. Dining room collection- Add beautiful...

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