1. Bring in a colour combination to the room like this room by Gideon Mendelson where he added colour to the blue and white scheme wall with a splash of yellow and fresh flowers.
  2. Try adding things to a spot where people usually do not think. Be innovative like designer Alex Hitzadmits who added this huge portrait of his friend at the bookshelf. It may look a bit weird but still it’s funny and adds an interesting twist to the spot.
  3. Try adding some rustic metal chairs instead of your formal ones as it would create a very beautiful casual atmosphere says designer Ramsay Gourd.
  4. Painting half of the wall is another great innovative way to make your space look unique and beautiful. Like this room with grey till the middle and the rest white, this gives it a very subtle and stylish look.
  5. Open shelves are very good for fast and easy décors. Like this kitchen shelf by designer Kelie Grosso, with blue accents that makes the whole area stands out against the neutral palette. The whole idea is just stunning and makes us wonder how such a simple idea can make so vast difference.
  6. Add some modern flair to an already mundane setting, like bringing in a super modern acrylic coffee table with this very old and really astounding traditional furniture. Switch the old vibe with a slight touch of modernity and make the room look ethereal.
  7. Flooring of the room should always match with the room’s interior and also add value to the room setting. Look how this bathroom used to be so boring before it was changed to this bright blue flooring. This simple and quick change by designer Kari McCabe is so innovative and out of the box that the whole bathroom looks unique yet simple.
  8. Your build in shelves might have its back ticked to the wall but that doesn’t mean you ignore it completely. Adding a bold orange to the back would bring in a beautiful change to the setting as suggested by designer Kay Douglass.
  9. Designer T. Keller Donovan brought in a modern touch to this traditional room by adding this red and white patterned table cloth.
  10. Small bathrooms are not at all idle for décor but if you can just add a minimalistic piece and make it look spacious, you should definitely do so. Like this bathroom where designer Krista Ewart added a simple wallpaper and the whole space looked different

It need not be necessary for you to spend only on luxurious items to make your home look beautiful, sometimes an antique piece tucked at the attic could be so meaningful to the whole space that no other thing in the world could replace its beauty. All you need to know is what to add where and the magic will unfold itself.