Builders that specialize in Neoclassical architecture



Strong fundamental and aesthetic qualities, as well as a splash of historical flare, characterize Neoclassical dwellings (Neoclassical architecture). The style originally appeared in Italy and France in the mid-eighteenth century,

with Italian architect Andrea Palladio being the first to use it. These dwellings, which emphasize symmetry and austere geometry above aesthetic beauty,

are built on Vitruvian principles and classical antiquity. Structural symmetry, side-gabled roofs, and a full-width porch supported by huge columns are all common features of this home type. Neoclassical houses are typically two and a half story’s tall, with a consistent style that, despite its simplicity, conveys wealth.


We decided to compile a list of the greatest builders who are knowledgeable with Neoclassical architecture. To come up with a list of possibilities, we did a lot of study.

Then we considered a number of aspects, including the company’s history, portfolio quality, accolades obtained, and the principals’ and owners’ backgrounds. As a consequence, we’ve compiled a list of five incredible constructors.


If you’re considering a neoclassical house, we recommend double-checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, meeting with previous clients. Utilizing our bidding system to acquire comparable estimates from at least three contractors. Obtaining several quotes is the most effective strategy to verify that you receive a fair price and that the offers cover the whole scope of work.



Build Mentor


Build Mentor is a full-service home building company situated in New Jersey. It is known for its unique approach to projects, which includes the use of current technology and architectural experience to get the best outcomes. It is based in Short Hills.


For over 26 years, Jan Bronstein, the business’s founder and CEO, has guided the company to statewide prominence via sustained quality. The studio’s staff is recognized for their high-quality workmanship and customer service, and they collaborate with customers from lot selection through original design to post-construction finishing. Design-build, project management, property development, and bespoke house building and renovations are among the services offered by the firm. It also deals with various funding solutions.



1 builders-that-specialize-in-neoclassical-architecture


Build Mentor finished the Neoclassical colonial house depicted in this article. The imposing home is set in a lush green setting, surrounded by tall trees and natural scenery. The estate’s façade is guarded by four massive columns, which provide character to the property. The masonry components support the base of the building while also adding to its visual appeal. The manor’s walls are lined with large windows that let in plenty of natural light during the day. The magnificent residence is grounded with a welcome elegance that evokes a domestic appeal thanks to a traditional grey hue.


Saba, BW


BW Saba is a design-and-build firm headquartered in Florida that specializes in homes appropriate for a magazine spread. Bruce Saba, the company’s owner and president, is a general contractor who specializes in the construction and refurbishment of big bespoke homes. The University of Florida alum has worked in the sector for over 46 years, and his success is based on high-quality work and a thorough grasp of the business. The premium developer has a wide range of residential projects, including neoclassical mansions, modern beach bungalows, and coastal beach houses.


2 builders-that-specialize-in-neoclassical-architecture


The neoclassical estate featured was built in conjunction with Shutler Architects to satisfy the needs of the client. This colossal mansion has a majestic aura. The home’s opulent ambience and historical architecture are enhanced by a cream-colored exterior palette that replicates historical structures from ancient Greece, while the external metal railings and light fixtures were custom-made and resemble the Musée Rodin in Paris. The mansion’s towering Corinthian columns provide refinement and serve as a strong structural support. The three-story home overlooks Sarasota Bay and provides a spectacular view all year.


Build an Heirloom Design


Due to its remarkable body of work and first-rate client service, Heirloom Design Build is one of Georgia’s premier builders. David F. Radlmann is the leader of a brilliant team of builders, designers, and experts who are all dedicated to making a client’s vision a reality. This Atlanta neoclassical property wowed our editorial team; it’s a superb example of their work, developed and designed by the business with Jones Pierce as the architect.

It has a conventional design that is comparable to existing homes in the neighborhood, and it is built in the historical style of the area. The immaculate white exteriors and tastefully designed interiors are exquisite. The large-scale features of the property were given meticulous consideration, but the team also poured their focus on the residence’s minor details.

Several green groups have awarded certificates to the home’s efficient and ecologically sensitive construction. The home is an Earth Craft Gold Certified Home, an Energy Star Certified Home by The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA), and a National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Certified Home – Gold. It also won the Mayor of Atlanta’s Award of Excellence and the US Department of Energy’s 2015.


Neoclassical architecture


Builders of the Neoclassical Era


For almost 18 years, David S. Morales has served as the CEO of Neoclassical Builders. Throughout his professional career, the Harvard alum has worn numerous hats. including marketing representative, managing director, and vice president of international sales and operations. Because of the continuous project quality and service. his tenure as president of the construction business has increased the firm’s image. Rave reviews frequently praise the crew’s professionalism and craftsmanship, a trait shared by the most successful builders.


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The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Georgia Home Builders Association (HBA), and the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association have all given Neoclassical Builders their seal of approval. The design-build industry places a high emphasis on traditional architecture and period-appropriate modifications.

It is a real estate consultancy agency as well as a full-service construction and home design organization. Its basic techniques also include green building and energy-efficient design. The company’s service region includes Atlanta, Brookhaven, and Sandy Springs, but is not restricted to these.


Pinneo Construction is a company that specializes in

the construction of


Pinneo Construction was created by Tom Pinneo in 1996. Chris Myers, who acts as a co-owner, joined him in 2002. The relationship was effective, elevating the modest boutique firm to prominence and earning a reputation as a dependable firm not just in the physical element of the building but also on the managerial side.




The Mercer Street historic mansion in Princeton, New Jersey, is part of Pinneo Construction’s amazing portfolio. The business undertook rehabilitation work on the building, which was built in 1896. The historical site needed to be brought up to date for the twenty-first century.

The business began by completely renovating the building. Pinneo then added two expansions, a new three-car garage, and repositioned an outbuilding to serve as the pool house. Inside the home, an oak-paneled elevator and new mechanical systems were built, and bespoke millwork and spray foam insulation were added to the interiors and exteriors.

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