It’s the first week of May, which means it’s time to do some Spring cleaning, move furniture, Sage corners, and update the house. The beginning of May is a strong indicator that summer is on its way. With that stated, your bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover, and here are some cute and simple décor ideas to help you out.


Green Sage



The beauty of sage is that it may be used in a variety of ways. It’s such a faint colour, yet it has a great impression everywhere it’s used.

Sage green is a colour that is swooping down on us this year with a fury. Sage is such a nice colour because of its flexibility. It’s not only beautiful to look at, but it’s also a unique colour for Spring. Bring it in to bring a bit of sweetness to your bedding.


Right behind the bed is an accent wall



When we suggest add an accent wall, we don’t mean go overboard with the design or choose a very bold wallpaper. We’re talking about keeping everything stylish and coherent while still being pleasing to the eye.

Many of us understand the appeal of having an accent wall, but few realize how powerful it can be in any area. Especially when it’s hidden underneath the bed. The placement of your accent wall just behind your bed adds a lot of attractiveness to the room since it adds a powerful accent exactly where you need it. The best thing is that you may select from a variety of wallpaper designs that aren’t permanent on the wall.


Pieces of Industrial Art



Bring in a modern atmosphere for that industrial look that is both intriguing and pleasing to the eye.

Despite the fact that Spring is in full swing, we’re here to tell you that industrial elements aren’t going anywhere. In fact, the use of industrial objects should be encouraged because they are oh-so-on-trend. Consider working with components that aren’t completely done. They’re one-of-a-kind and delightful, with a distinct personality that pervades the space.

Investigate Texture



When you add texture, you can go big or go home and enjoy every step of the journey. It’s all about effortlessly elevating the room to the next level.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty with textures and fabrics. You want to use textures in a strong way, allowing them to make the message you want them to. It’s all about bringing your interior design to the next level while keeping an open mind. Work with three to four textures at a time and let them be the finishing touch that brings the room up to date.





Introduce textured wallpaper to make the area seem and feel as spacious as feasible while maintaining a sophisticated appeal.

This year’s spring is all about patterns, and it’s no different. In fact, it’s become one of those necessary objects to have in the room. Whether it’s using a variety of hues or embracing larger-than-life patterns, the possibilities are endless. You want to present both of them as if they were one.


With a modern twist



Paint your plank wood walls with a whitewash for a more modern look, and watch the space transform.

It’s easier than most people believe to modernize home décor to make it everything you’ve dreamed it to be. It’s the easy process of taking traditional items that go well together and elegantly upgrading them with a bit of contemporary. Modern is here to stay, so embrace a piece or two and make it the focal point of your space.


Displaying Is Simple



No matter what style of décor you have, the purpose of keeping it simple is to have everything at your fingertips.

Whatever style of décor you have, spring cleaning is in full swing. However, one trend that is now popular and can be used all year is having an easily accessible display. You want everything at your fingertips, regardless of how or where it’s stored. The room should feel fresh and trendy without obstructing the natural flow of the space. Furthermore, having only the goods you absolutely require is crucial.


Lighting With A Twist



Choose a traditional approach with a bold finish for that captivating but adventurous light fixture. It smoothly combines the finest of both worlds.

Say farewell to standard light fixtures and welcome to bold, adventurous ones. It’s all about giving what you currently have a distinctive spin to make it feel new and exciting. By replacing your light fixtures, you may ensure that the space has a focal point that isn’t too noticeable.


Work with a large number of seats



Go big or go home if you have the space. You want to entirely change the room into the perfect seating place for you.

When we think of the bedroom, we don’t usually think about “seats” or “do I need seats,” and many people ignore them totally. Consider bringing in a large number of them this time and incorporating them into your décor. To add a patterned appeal, use adventurous chairs with strong color combinations or stools that have been elegantly upholstered.


Wall with Two Colors



When dealing with a two-toned wall, the beauty of using a dark and bright combination is how open it makes a space feel, regardless of how dark the colors are.


Take your walls to the next level with a two-tone showcase if you genuinely want to create a dramatic statement with color. Working with two-toned colors isn’t enough; you also need to use the same shade again but in distinct ranges. It’s all about demonstrating what two different hues can accomplish for a room without having to fully transform it.

All Pics Credit By: Trendir