We all want to decorate our room and sometimes people go to length to make it as enchanting as one would see in a designer catalogue. It is really amazing to see the amazing artwork that designers put on but you must know that they do not have any secret rule book. All they do is trying up creating stuff with little twist and turns in their innovation. There aren’t any hard and fast laws that one need to follow. Each of us has our own dreams, wishes, aspirations and a viewpoint. All we need to have is the method where we can craft our ideas and make it real. There are just few things that you need to try out and wouldn’t take you years to excel. Any lame Jane can do it and we are here with a few tips that would help you lead the way.

1. Never pick the colour of your rooms before you actually start living there. You sure do think logically of entering a home with freshly painted walls and not do the hard work with all furnishing around. We get it and it is what most people does but it is not ideal, as you do not know what colour would soothe your mind once you move in.
There are innumerable types of colours varying in tones, shades and hues. Each of them would give your room a different look depending upon the light sources and the inside furnishing placement. So, if in your earlier home, blue was the colours for your bedroom, this might not be the same here. If you want to have wall painted with a colour that would match the furnisher, rugs, artwork as well as your mind than you will only know once your stuff is already been placed.
2. Never make your room too congested with lots of stuff around. Bring in minimalistic furnishing and give them some breathing space. You might want that great furniture you show at the corner home décor outlet, but resist the urge to buy it if there is no place for them in your home. Living rooms look and feel gracious only when there is space to move around at ease. Instead of getting too many things for too little budget, get few quality stuff that would make the space seem luxurious and spacious.

3. Artworks of your room should be always placed at the proper place so that they look balanced with the rest of the stuff. Place them at proper height. Galleries place their exhibitions about 57-60 inches from the floor as that’s the average eye height of human and that’s where your artwork should be. Easily noticeable and good to observe. If you have a rooftop that is higher than average than you might want to place them higher to maintain the gap but that shouldn’t be done. You should always see that the artwork should relate to the human scale rather than the scale of the structure.
If you are in doubt whether the placement of the artwork would look good or not, than you should take a picture and see for yourself. It is really wonderful how a picture can give you the perfect image of how your room would look with all the placements. You could also use some creative applications like Photoshop where you can draw things and get the idea of how big or small the art pieces should be and how to place them.

4. Rugs are also important part of the home decor work and to know where to place your furnisher or how to arrange the furnisher on the rug is an important detail you need to check. There are in total about 4 ways to place your furnisher over the rug which we will be telling you in details.

A. The first option is to place all the legs of the furnisher on the rug. For this you rug has to be large enough to cover the whole furniture and yet have space for you to move around. This creates a very beautiful and luxurious look to your living room and bigger your rug is better it would look. Remember to keep about 12 to 18 inches of floor exposed on all side of the rug so that it looks like a border.

B. The second option is to keep just the front legs of the furniture on the rug. This looks good when the room is small and the rug is also smaller in size. Remember not to buy a rug that is way too smaller than it should be or it would look weird and out of place. It would create a visually well-defined space as well as a feeling of spaciousness.

C. The third option is to keep everything off the rug, keeping it at the centre and separate. This looks really great when you have a small room and you want to keep the centre open and look spacious. This is a good cost effective option and try going for a medium size as that would give the room a significant elegance. It should be set in such a way that they appear to touch the front legs of the furniture.

5. Never follow the theme too much that it gets out of proportion at the end. The Cape-Cod theme with the bead boards, blue and white palette, sailboard paintings, spinning wheel etc. has been in use way too much that now it is just too common theme. This similar looks draws fades away the individuality of the room but if you add few artworks and other materials like this room, you can still get the effect without drawing attention on the clichés.

6. A focal point of a room is very much essential; like in a movie you can create a great one when you have good leading as well as the supporting roles. Similarly in design as well, you need a star which would shine amongst all and make the rest of the space look ethereal. Choose a focal point and allow other items to take on the supporting role. Do not make the focal point lead everything as that would only create visual noise.