Because they were utilized by artisans from various trade areas, drafting table designs are common. They’ve now found their way into household furnishings for creating, sketching, and a variety of other activities. We’ll take a look at the 11 greatest drafting tables for today’s users.



Previously, drafting tables were created by hand. Exotic wood was used to craft vintage drafting table designs with ornate detailing and intricate motifs.

Drafting tables now come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs.


What factors should you consider while purchasing a drawing table?



Because you want it to fit in your specified location, the size of a drawing table is vital. Make sure there’s enough room to adjust the top without other stuff getting in the way.

Consider a portable drawing table if you have limited room for furnishings. Keep in mind that mobile devices are less stable and durable, as well as providing less assistance.

Consider a pedestal drafting table if space isn’t a problem. The designs are strong, with substantial bases similar to those seen on conventional tables.

The surface of the table

The top surface of a drawing table is the most significant component. Consider how you’ll use the table while selecting the proper kind.

Other sizes are available for drawing table tops, including 24′′ x 36′′, 30′′ x 42′′, 37.5′′ x 48, 37.5′′ x 60′′, and 37.5′′ x 72′′.

The sketching area must also be large enough to accommodate the paper size you usually use. Make sure blueprints don’t dangle over the side when you’re working with them.



You want a drafting table that complements your own style as well as your available space. Tables constructed of metal or wood, as well as those with glass tops, are available.


Accessories and features

There are many different types of drafting tables, so decide what is most important to you. You could require one with built-in storage or trays for your tools, for example.

Make sure it has something to protect papers and pencils from falling down the edge.

If you’re looking for drawing tables, you might also want to consider an adjustable height drafting table.


The Top 10 Drafting Tables


1. Drafting Desk with Height Adjustment



A strong metal frame supports the Zeny drawing table, ensuring excellent working conditions.
It boasts powder-coated iron legs and an MDF tabletop for an eclectic and sophisticated look. It works well as a drawing table as well.

It provides for customized workplace customization with an adjustable height range of 28″ to 35.8″. Angles may be adjusted from flat to 45 degrees.

A lip on the table prevents paper from falling down the bottom. Two huge drawers are included in the table for storing work materials and other items.



  • Buyers claim it’s simple to put together.
  • It’s simple to find a comfortable posture thanks to the combination of height and angle adjustments.
  • It is a decent desk for the money, according to reviewers.


  • Some of the packages were damaged.
  • The drawers are made of fabric rather than wood.


2. It may be adjusted in height. All workstations



Staffan Holm came up with the idea for the Alle desk. It boasts a sturdy and durable structure as well as a basic and adaptable shape.

For extra flexibility and ergonomics, the height may be adjusted simply. It may be used as a standard desk, a standing desk, a drafting or drawing table, and so on.


The sturdy wood frame is elegant and well-made using high-quality materials. There are also concealed storage and cable management compartments to keep the workstation clutter-free.


  • The desk may be simply adjusted in height.
  • It’s a long-lasting, ultra-stylish design.
  • A power strip can be placed in the cord management area.


  • The pricing is rather high.
  • The tabletop is flat, and the angle cannot be adjusted.

3. Craft Station in One Space



The One Space drafting table is a beautiful combination of form and function. The drawing table is supported by a heavy-duty steel frame.

The metal has a lovely silver finish, and the glass top adds a nice yet unexpected feature.

The desk includes four casters (two of which have a locking mechanism) for convenient mobility. It’s a bigger model with a slimmer appearance.

Don’t be fooled by the glass; the desktop can handle a maximum weight of 130 pounds (59 kg). Adjusting the angle is simple.

It contains trays that may be removed for storage and other purposes. Additional storage is provided by a pair of two slide-out drawers.



  • As a craft station, it’s ideal.
  • Glass is thicker and more durable than some consumers anticipated.
  • It’s easy to put together.


  • Some consumers thought it was shaky and didn’t like how the drawers were positioned.


4. Adjustable Drafting Table with a Folding Modern Glass Top



This drawing table looks a lot like the One Space model, however it doesn’t have any storage drawers. Its overall measurements are 40.75″ wide x 23.75″ deep x 30.5″ tall. The height is set and cannot be changed, however the angle of the tabletop may.

The folding frame, on the other hand, is a genuine showstopper, allowing you to fold the table and store it.

This model features a tempered glass work surface that is 35.25″ wide and 23.75″ deep.

A maple top with a white base or a white top with a black base are other choices. The silver-finished base of the blue glass model.

The frame is made of heavy-gauge steel that is both sturdy and strong. It also has storage for art supplies.



  • The blue tempered safety glass appeals to buyers.
  • It may be folded for storage.


  • There is no way to change the height.
  • Assembly was challenging for several reviewers.


5. Rustic Oak Drafting Table, Vintage



This type with a rustic oak finish is a terrific alternative if you’re looking for something that appears like a vintage drafting table.

It has an old-school design that can fit a variety of tasks. This drafting table is 42″ in width, 30″ in depth, and 36″ in height.

The height of the table is fixed and cannot be changed. Using an adjustable height chair, on the other hand, is a simple solution. However, this precludes it from being used as a standing desk.

The tabletop angle on this solid wood frame may be adjusted from flat to 90 degrees, which is a unique feature. Other models do not have this angle.

There are no attachments, storage trays, or other items on the top. It does have a pencil groove with a 24″ ledge built in.



  • This table, according to reviewers, is robust and of excellent quality, with a lovely antique finish.
  • According to reports, assembly is simple.


  • Height can’t be changed.
  • The table is shaky for some consumers.


6. Drawing and Drafting Table with Height Adjustment



Drafting tables are flexible enough to serve as both drawing tables and regular desks.

This style is much more adaptable than a desk since it can be adjusted in height. It also has a pencil tray and a paper stopper built in.

The table may also be used as a standing workstation. The desk may be set at an angle or be left flat. You can adjust the height and angle using oversize thumbscrews integrated in the powder-coated steel frame.

The table has a lot of area, which makes it ideal for huge paperwork. According to reviewers, it’s a fantastic table for the money.


  • The sturdiness and ease of adjustment have been praised by buyers.
  • Both the height and the angle may be adjusted.


  • It was difficult for some purchasers to alter the height.


7. Knightley Tilt Top Drafting Table by Southern Enterprises



The industrial nature of this drafting table is enhanced by antique brass embellishments. The worn oak tabletop offers a rustic aesthetic that goes well with the antique brass metal frame and embellishments.

When compared to other versions, the tabletop tilts from flat to a 30-degree inclination, which isn’t much. The change in angle, however, is sufficient to transform this from a conventional drawing table to a drafting table.

A full-length built-in pencil groove is also included with this drawing table.

Anti-slip hinges will hold it at the appropriate angle at all times, ensuring optimal working conditions.

The table is 51.5″ in width and 32.75″ in depth.



  • For tilting, the top edge readily lifts.
  • The straightforward design, according to buyers, makes this a terrific workstation.
  • The broad work surface features a ridge to prevent objects from falling off.


  • Some people had trouble putting it together.
  • A few reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with the hue or antique finish of the product.


8. Craft Station with a Wood Surface Drafting Table



This style is a multi-functional drawing table that may also be used as a conventional desk. It boasts a sleek and modern look.

The table surface is 47″ long and 24″ wide, making it excellent for a variety of chores and suited for both kids and adults.

Particle wood is used for the top, which has a smooth and shiny surface.

The sleek design is also strong and durable thanks to a heavy-gauge steel frame. The angle may be changed.

The table’s height may be modified to fit your needs, with five different levels to choose from.

When the desk is slanted, a tiny groove with a pencil ledge and lip protects draught paper and other things from falling off. When utilizing the table as a typical office workstation, you may turn off this function.



  • This is a fantastic, small table at a great price.
  • Customers claim it’s useful for a variety of things, including puzzles, crafts, and more.
  • This basic table comes together quickly and easily.


  • The table top surface is grooved and elevated to seem like hardwood, according to several reviews, which makes drawing difficult.
  • Some people have complained about screw holes that aren’t aligned properly.


9. Graphics II Workstation by STUDIO DESIGNS



Studio Designs’ Graphix II Workstation is a modern and minimalist piece of furniture. The drawing table has a simple design with height and table top angle adjustments.

The table’s total measurements are 53.5″ wide by 30″ deep, with a height range of 30″ to 39″ high.

The white-painted heavy gauge steel frame gives off a light appearance while being robust and durable. It also contains floor levellers to keep the surface even and solid.

The dual top surface, which allows you to have a 42′′ wide x 30′′ deep angled top and an 11. 5′′ wide x 30′′ deep flat top at the same time, is one of the nicest features. This adds to its versatility and use for a variety of undertakings.

This table has 93 percent four- and five-star ratings, indicating that purchasers think it’s a terrific table.



  • A dual top surface provides room for a variety of project kinds.
  • The quality of this drawing table has been praised by customers.
  • It comes with a 10-year “limited” warranty.


  • Assembly was difficult for some.
  • The lower ledge cannot be removed.


10. Yaheetech Drawing Drafting Table 



The Yaheetech drafting table is known for its adaptability.

First and foremost, the table’s dimensions are suitable for any space. It comprises two discrete parts instead of a single huge desktop area for work and storage.

The primary work surface is 50.4″ by 23.6″ in length and breadth. From 0 to 60 degrees, the table top tilts and adjusts. The lower part, which serves as a side table, is lower.

Papers don’t slide off the main desk thanks to a built-in pencil ledge. It may also be removed to make the table into a writing desk.

Three storage drawers are located on the right side of the auxiliary table to keep materials organized and accessible.



  • Buyers adore the two tabletop setup and the drawing table’s adaptability for a variety of applications.
  • This is one of the few drafting tables on the market that has so many functions at such a low cost.
  • According to reviews, assembly is rather simple.


  • Some people say it’s difficult to get the table top back down.
  • Some purchasers aren’t fond with the textile drawers.


Table of Contents: Conclusion


Drafting tables are often associated with educational furniture, but they have several qualities that make them ideal for residential usage as well. Their many features and customizable settings improve your mental and physical wellness while making assignments easier and more fun.


You may have flair, extra functionality, and all the tools you need at your fingertips with a drafting table in your home or business.


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