Moving into a new home or renovating a home means designing the home with updated trends and making it look perfect as well as feel perfect. At times when we start decorating we leave off few such corners of the house that we either never knew could be decorated or just never thought they could be decorated. Today we will be opening up your eyes by telling you these amazing decor spots to be spruced up in the most unique way.

  1. The stair landing of every home is a corner that everyone tends to ignore even though we pass that way like hundreds of time every day. This quiet corner needs your interest and creative sense. Designer Gideon Mendelson works wonder with this stair landing by placing a zebra print runner rug.

Interior stylist Jenifer Beek Hunter & George Hambright says that if you have a window at the top of the stairs then don’t keep it empty. Instead install some art in it and let both the design intertwine with each other and create a masterpiece of their own. Also if there is an unpleasant view through the window, you can hide it with these creative art pieces.


  1. The ceiling of the room is the missing element of your decor art and is a charming place that has to be designed to complete the look. Designer CecilieStarin says that this is such a vast space that you can create a magical aura depending on your mood. The place is big enough for you to go extra creative and do so much. Think green, yellow, pattern, textured, geometric, abstract, graphic or wallpaper, the options are many. People never generally look up until they are sitting comfortably in a chair or lying on the bed but once you have created an art the attention is immediately withdrawn.

Matthew Millman

  1. Have you ever in your wildest dreams thought that drawer inside could be designed too? Yes, they are spaces and they need to be decorated in beautiful colours and has to be as attractive as you are. When you customize stuff in your home, it makes everything look special. Also as said by designer Eliane Griffin adding attractive patterned and neutral hues to the interiors bring in a visual impact to your eyes every time you open the drawer. Wondering how to make them attractive? You work can be easily done by bringing in gift wrappers and using them to finish your job.

I Heart Organizing

  1. Every staircase has a below the stairs corner that no one knows what to do it. Remember how Harry Potter used to have his small bedroom in that weird corner? It’s a great way to using the space but you don’t need to make a room there, change it into a seating space by placing a side sofa, some painting, lots of cushions and voila! Designer Melissa Rufty created this under the nook corner so amazingly that you would be left wondering how every corner of a house could be a focal point of decor. People often make it an awkward space to place a chair or keep the unwanted stuffs; instead you can turn this space to a sweet cosy corner to spend some leisure time.

Francesco Lagnese

  1. Lighting fixtures often tends to lose its attention after a period of time. Starin says when the attention fades turn it into a statement piece that would let it keep its charm intact. There are hundreds of different ways to it into other statement designs. Turning it into a lighting fixture of the modern look is a new way of having brilliant illumination and a statement piece as well.


  1. The underside of kitchen cabinets is another place that requires your attention. Often people tend to keep them unattended and it’s not that you decorate it with mosaic or tiles but just adding a splash of paint could be to refurnish the area. Designer Griffin says that they spend most of their time modelling up the kitchen backsplashes but keep the under bellies just bare and unattended. It’s a place that is often kept unattended but adding some colour to it would just bring the dramatic change to the look that it silently brightens up like never before.

Tara Striano

  1. Furniture legs are often not considered important place for design but if you think that going with bold colours is not your forte than furniture legs are best place to experience with colours. Adding colours there would bring in a charming detail to the room and lets you examine with bold hues as well.

Brittany Ambridge

  1. Often people keep the interior doors white and pale, not investing much in its beauty. Though they are not architecturally interesting but adding a colour of them would be like putting extra detailing to the design. Going with a similar hue like high gloss or pretty sherbet in the entire house would bring a sense of connectivity to all the rooms.

David Duncan Livingston

  1. No one like doing laundry and everybody hates entering the laundry room. But what if you try out a little creativity in this room and add a decorative trance that would add a reason for you to enter. Stop keeping your mind block with white and add colours in pretty hues of blue, pink, red, yellow and green by adding art, decorative accessories, house plant, styled cabinets and floating shelves with cute supplies. In this charming and warm laundry room by Urban Grace is adorned by sconce and tile work that makes fluffing and folding a less boring work than usual.


  1. The inside of a desk is often dark and gloomy that makes working more boring and unpleasant. Why not add some colour and cheer up your mood every time you sit there for your daily work chores. Add modern or abstract wallpaper or paint it in a shade of blue and make everything inside look playful and pleasant. Hunter and Hambright say that when you like the place where you are working you tend to go there more often since it peace your mind and you tend to work more.



  1. We often keep our sofas rooted with the walls which make the space useless and dark. Instead of doing that why not float the furniture away from the wall and along with creating and intimate seating arrangement also bring out a space for décor. The behind of the sofa is an advantageous place to bring vibrancy to the room. Add a small tool and place flowers in it or stack books to add a dimension of interest to the space. If not those then adding lamps is also a charming way to bring a dramatic aura to it.


  1. An unused fireplace often tends to be ignored and undecorated which makes the area dark, sinister and gloomy. They end up being areas that has an unfinished décor look but actually it’s a really unique and exciting place that can be used for so many things. Try adding house plants like succulents or agave and fix some lighting fixtures. You can also for crystals or candles that would make it look like a magical place.

David Duncan Livingston

There are so many different and exciting spaces around our home which need our immediate attention. There are corners that we hardly give a thought for but can be transformed into amazing spaces that becomes our favorite spot after a point of time. All we require to do is be attentive and open our creative side of the mind and ideas would just flow in one by one.