Custom rug means in all shapes and sizes


Earlier rugs used to come in a traditional size but now they can be made into any shape and size you want. So if you are stuck with an area which is oddly shaped, you can easily get one made in that particular size. Famous interior designer Andrea Avram Rusu suggests that you should always choose a rug that matches the size and shape of the room and its furniture. He says that you should always choose a rectangle rug for a dining set with long table and for a round table choose a round rug.


Rugs help you define a space


When you have a large room with lots of space, do not limit to a large size rug, instead bring in many rugs of different colours which would define each space. Also keep it in mind that the rugs of the same room complement each other and everything coordinates together to make the space look enhanced. Also keep it in mind that using multiple rugs is only best when you have an oversized room. Designer Celia Berliner says that when multiple rugs are installed in a large room they create an aura of balance and redefines the alternative spaces with harmony and unity of design.


Unity of Colour


Matching the colour is very important when you bring a rug. If you already have furniture with loud colour than you can choose a rug with neutral tone so that it would balance the colour scheme. The space would be embellished with the colour balance and as the rug would act as an instrument that would create the required mood and aura of the room, thus adding character to all its items.


Borders are not be ignored


Always keep it in mind that rugs are not floor covering and when you hide the entire room with rug, it looks too shabby. Never cover the entire flooring completely and leave space. Custom rugs could be made of any shape and size, so instead of going with the traditional rug buy one which would complement the space and also give the room flooring enough space.  When you keep about few inches bare it shapes into a border and makes the space look more enhanced.


More the merrier


Every nook and corner of the room is perfect for an area rug and you should never limit yourself to a particular corner or a particular room. Designer Lisa smith says all you need to keep the rugs intact is a non-skid pad placed underneath the rug. Just see that the rug-pad is about an inch or two smaller than the rug so that it doesn’t look odd and lets the rug to lie flat on the ground.


Rugs for comfort



Rugs can be placed anywhere in your house, be it your living room, kid’s room, dining, hallway or bedroom. Interior designer Will smith says that the most crucial and important part of the house is the living room, because you spend most of your time there and that’s the part which a visitor sees for the first time. So, no matter what kind of rug you choose for the rest of the house, always go for the best one at the living room. It should be the focal point and should be your secret abode.


Art that adorns the flooring 


With custom rugs available so easily everywhere, you should always make a rug that fits the shape of your room. Also other than the living room, the next space where one of the best rugs should be placed is the dining hall. It is the most crucial space for a unique rug. Here designer Lisa smith shows how the setting should be implemented so that the light and colour of the dining and the rug is balanced and also how the soft woolen rug feels ethereal in your feet.