It is truly said that ‘home is where the heart is’ and most of us love to make our homes unique according to our tastes and preferences. However, it is always interesting to stay updated about the ongoing trends and you might just end up loving a trend to suit the vibe of your Home Decor.

Let’s have a look at what is trending in Indian Interiors in this year(2021).

1.Geometrical Appeal: 

Decorate your living room furniture with a dash of geometry to break the monotony. Something as basic as a circular rug or round mirrors can enhance that look. People also choose for geometric upholstery to ramp up their rooms. It is pleasant to the eyes as well when various shapes take the form of a unique design pattern.


 2. Soothing Florals:

For all those who love nature, floral patterns of Bedsheet are very soothing. Right from bedroom furniture to bedsheets and curtains, florals enhance the aesthetics of the room. Modern furniture loves the dash of floral patterns for the vibrancy and calmness.


3. Being Natural:

 With machines and technologies taking over most of our surroundings, people preferring a natural touch to their home as it connects them with nature. Wood being a natural material tops the home decor preferences. Elegant in appeal, wooden furniture look stunning.


4. Choosing Monochrome:

Indians are really fascinated by the minimalist monochrome which adds an element of class and style. Some may prefer colorful vibes but most people worldwide prefer a monochrome experience. Black or white are the most preferred colors for the theme.


5. Rounded Furniture: 

In this year we saw rounded silhouettes in the choice of furniture adopted by the majority. They are subtle and give a complete look to the rooms. Be it chairs with rounded backs and consoles with shapely curved legs or couches with rounded arms, all of it looks really appealing.


6. Return of the Retro: 

Glitz and glamour of the 80s are still a rage. Choose some bling to enhance your space and you’re your space into a glamourous one. Metallic lights will add the pop and break the monotony.


 7. Functionality over aesthetics: 

People have become careful about their choices post the pandemic. Easy-to-maintain homes have become the most preferred choices for people. Health, wellness and self-care are being considered crucial while defining living spaces. According to Moody’s Trend Report, in 2021, people would prefer sofas, sectionals and armchairs that have a comfortable look and feel to curl up on and binge-watch TV or read a good book.


Trends are like waves, they keep changing with time. Choices differ and so do priorities. But a house becomes a home only when you invest your time and emotions in building it. Choices and preferences change with time. But the core remains the same – Utility and Durability. People continue to choose furniture that’s useful and durable. That’s where Durian comes into the picture.