Winter brings with it the vibe of freshness and pleasantness. The weariness of summer and mushy monsoons make way for the cool and comfortable winter. Most people prefer to style their living rooms especially to suit the winter vibe. If you’re looking to ramp up your living room, here’s a quick list of trends of the hottest winter-ready living room styles.

1.Combination of colors, patterns, and textures


                                                                                   Source: Dream Design

A winter living room needs to be cozy and comfortable in order to keep you warm in the hostile weather. So, consider playing with colors, patterns, and textures for a cozy living room. Use different scales of patterns for a chic look and consider layering textures to add depth to your space.

2.Up the living room lighting 

Consider flexible lighting for various situations. For example, a floor light with a swivel arm can beautifully transform into an evening reading lamp. Shade colors can transform the mood of a room, so choose darker tones which will feel cozy.

It’s important to keep the lighting minimal and subtle so that it doesn’t get too blingy for the eyes. After all, you need it to look like your home and not a hotel.

3.Jazz up dim spaces

                                                                                Source: Dream Design

Mirrors enhance the look of a space. So, use them to maximize light in a dark living room. When they project the Sun in the mornings throughout the room, they add a sense of warm space to the room. You can also choose decorative lighting to light up the space, adding a dash of drama to your living room.


4.Add murals for an elegant feel   

A piece of art always enhances the look and appeal of a space. You can consider adding an artistic mural to your living room to give it an elegant appeal. Combine dreamy colors and textures to give your wall a rich look. The color scheme could be dark, dim and moody for a cozy vibe. 


5.Use dark colors for warmth

                                                                                 Source: Dream Design

Winters can be quite cumbersome when it’s too chilly. So, don’t fear getting your room painted in dark colors. It’s recommended that north-facing rooms need to be painted in a dark color to make them warm and comfortable.

There are numerous ways to make your living room feel more inviting. Be it the colors you decorate with or the furniture you pick to complement the lighting – these ways can transform your space into something that adds to the homely feeling of the home. Enhance the dark spaces with deep blues, Smokey greys, and refreshing greens to add coziness and warmth to the space. Use velvet and thermal curtains to keep you comfortable in the chilly weather.

All in all, the more warmth you add to your living room, the better you feel. Do not hesitate to experiment with colors, lighting, or décor. It’s all a part of the transformation that you need. Some appealing furniture will add to the winter vibe and give you that comfortable, refreshing feeling.