Log Slices


This simple yet elegant design by Joanne palmisano is made by combining a rough cut lumber and legs of an old metal chair.



Mid-Century Makeover


This antique piece of beauty looks like a piece from the 50s. The style and the appearance of the table is very practical and user friendly. The end tables and nightstand is easily converted to indispensible furniture with the fresh coat of paint and renovated finish.


Reverse Stencil



If you have old furniture and you don’t know what to do with it, all you need to do is paint it because there is nothing that a simple paint cannot fasten. In this piece the whole table is burnished white and then the floral patterns are blocked out which resulted into the beautiful mud finish look with the crisp flower pallet.


Outdoor Table


If you have a front porch then placing it at the front porch would be a fine addition to your makeover look. If you do not have one and still like the look and feel, get one from the flea market and get it painted with a high gloss colour that would not fade easily when kept in direct sunlight for most of the time.


Poultry Crate


If you visit the market you will sure see small boxes with bars that farmers carry with their hens and pigs tugged inside. This particular crate was adopted and given a total makeover and found new life. With plenty of storage space for your kid’s board games and books, it goes great at your child’s room.


Trunk Space


Trunks used to be a mode of travel accessories since decade but few years back with technology overpowering they took a backseat. The idea to give them a new life came recently and with its varied shapes and size they can adorn any place they are placed. Another great thing about them are that they serve as great storage space as well.


Front Door


This table is just too amazing and the idea is totally mind blowing. Have you ever thought that your old front door would turn up to be this great coffee table? With its rusty finish you can bring in an old sense of humour in your coffee conversation. Also spilling some soda or placing a cold beer bottle without coaster is not a big deal.


From the Typing Pool


Metal typewriters have long ago seen the attic rooms and they are still stuck there. With this great idea you can turn it into a sturdy study table or a perfect spot for your bedside lamp.