Home decorating trends like any other fashion trends changes every year and designers try to give us as much renovated ideas as they possibly can. Last year everything was full of products inspired from Scandinavian style, this year the taste and likings of the designers have changed a lot. No doubt with change of style you would also like to do a makeover of your room. So, isn’t it necessary to have a look at all the possible design ideas and know which trend would still carry on and which would get replaced?

We had a thorough look at the newest designs of the top designers Martyn Lawrence- Bullard, Young Huh and Beth Diana Smith and here is a list of the design trends that are supposed to run strong by 2017. Know these smart and easy pointers to make your home chic, modern, classy and inspiring.

Nature colours– Designer Martyn Lawrence- Bullar who is mostly famous for designing celebrity homes and has designed homes of celebrities like Kendall Jenner  suggests that the shades of green is about to be the colour of the year. Various shades of green starting with lime to emerald would be filling up your rooms in various ways like at rugs or cushions or wallpapers. If you are not a green lover then Lawrence suggests that you could add a combination of emerald with bright white tines and you can see how refreshing the whole setting would look.

Prints– Designers always loves to take inspirations from the runways and this year all the top of the list designers like Prada, Marc Jacobs took inspiration from all kinds of tropical prints. This new trend of classy and soon you will be seeing lots of fabrics and wallpapers of these prints. If such gaudy designs are too much for your taste than add pillows with the trendy prints and let them do the magic. Lawrence suggests that you could just add new printed pillows with your old neutral coloured sofa. It’s similar to you buying new apparel and perfecting the look with a stylish bag and chic shoes.

Importance of texture– When you add texture to your interior decoration the whole appearance changes and looks more inviting. This year the trend of combining fabrics and materials of various textures would be on the rise. Lawrence says that when it comes to the modern designing texture becomes really essential. Recently many home décor examples could be seen filled with more and more kind of different textures in everything, starting with simple brass tables to wallpaper to upholsteries. If you are not sure about this new trend than you can give its trial by draping a wool rug over leather chair or throw in colourful decorative fabrics over the nude sofa.

Metal combination– Designer Young Huh of Vogue fame claims that this year you will be seeinga lot of metal shade combination in the interior world. He specifically thinks that brass and marble combination would top the list and might as well dominate the market. He says that you would see this merger in not just your living rooms but at the kitchen and bathrooms as well. The combination of brass with metal gives the whole space a natural yet modern look. Exactly like painting the nature with golden shine. Think of trying it out by bringing in a white sofa and matching it with a brass coloured soft rug and give your home a glamorous look.

Colour Nudes– Many of us do not like to try a lot of bold colours in our home, though they are perfect to hide away the stains and spills, especially those created by kids. If you are tired of those bold shades and looking out for more bright and colourful mixtures in your life than this year would be the best one for you. Because all mute shades of white, beige, baby pink, soft blue, grey are all coming back to rule the colour world.

Geometric patterns– Designer Young Huh says that you will seeing a lot of geometric patterns in your homes this year. He says that there would be patterns that are inspired from ancient cultures and would resemble a lot with African as well as Asian traditions with a twist of modern look. Your home should always be designed in a way that it looks curated and to get it done is really very easy.

Lighting fixtures– Gone are the days when lighting was considered just a necessity for your home, they have rose high and now are design accessories that all love to install to illuminate and enhance their homes. Designer Young Huh says that they work great to enhance a particular area of the room and feature all the focus in that area. They are also awesome ways to do something unique and unusual in your room. Also with dimmers and voice recognition lighting fixtures available in the market they are getting more attention than the rest of the utilities.

Handmade or crafted furniture- The trend of bringing in unique crafted furniture is catching up trend and designer Beth Diane Smith thinks that it will be loved by all. She thinks that people won’t deter to buy expensive furniture preferred they are well made, of top quality and really unique. Antique and traditional furniture which faded away earlier would catch up the trend again and would add drama to the interiors of your home.

Reign of Grey– Grey has seen the limelight for the whole of 2016 with people loving and embracing it for most of their interior décor items. Even this year it will be enjoying its stardom, though there would be various shades which will combined with white and other deeper colours. Smith say that grey is such a colour that it easily blends in with varied spectrum of colour as well as with bold colours like red or ivory.

Loads of Bronze– With the shade of grey there would also be addition of bronze this year. The colour is a warm shade that will easily brighten up a space and bring in a sense of dramatic class. Smith says that it will complement a lot of decorating tools starting with wall hangings to fixtures to accessories. You will be seeing a lot of lamps, decorative bowls, flower vases and even scones in this shade.

Decorating trends changes and the designers suggest that you should never jump into any designs at the very start of the year as it might work and might not. Also you should start with small changes and see the effect it gives to your room and then go for the big step of full makeover. Always do a thorough research before getting into any decision.