Greetings, friends! I also celebrated my birthday over the weekend, which is the formal start of the Christmas season. When November 8 rolls around, I feel like I can finally devote 100 percent of my focus to all things holiday. Obviously, this year’s holidays will be substantially different from previous years. Instead of calling the next months the Christmas season, we should call them the burrow down season. Because that is what the holidays in Covid’s time will demand of us. However, I’m not completely opposed to staying at home. I’ll use this as an excellent opportunity to find new methods to make my home as warm, inviting, and lovely as possible.







This new rug line, dubbed the Shape of Color, features eleven Moroccan-style carpets. Color bursts inspired by Tangier and Marrakech appear on each rug. In basic geometric designs or enormous dramatic stripes, the colors are intensely saturated.







While I am not a big fan of color, rugs are a great way to add a pop of color to a space. In my own living room, I used a brightly colored rug. The great thing about a rug is that it’s a simple way to reenergize a room without having to do anything else.











There are a few tricks to choosing a rug. First and foremost, consider the scale. Buying a rug that is too small is a typical blunder. All (or almost all) of your furniture should be able to sit on your rug. This makes a space seem more grounded and as though everything is in sync. A rug that is too tiny will make a small area feel even smaller!


Then there’s the issue of foot traffic to consider. If you’re planning to place a rug in a high-traffic location, be sure the rug you choose can handle a lot of filth and wear.


Finally, you don’t have to “fit your décor” when adding a bright rug to your home. All you want to do is maintain everything in the same style. Do you like to decorate with warm or cold colors? This will assist you in choosing your colors.












I think one of these rugs would be a terrific approach to increase the warmth of your house before the holidays arrive. I’m already thinking about which one I’d like to include in our home. I’m working on updating my home office!


All pics credit by : Apartment