Every year the trends of home decoration changes which make it way too difficult to keep up with the pace. Even if we do keep up with the changes it gets too expensive for us. It isn’t so cheap to buy a new set of sofa every year or even change the wall decoration too often so we have come up with this few timeless and all-time favourite trends you can choose for your decor style. These inspiring trends would keep your home fresh and up to date even if you do not spend huge amount of money every year.

Less is sometimes good– No matter whether you have just shifted to your new home or you have been living for the last couple of years, less is always going to be more. Stop crowding your shelves and tables with too much stuff and your home will look refreshing. Also with more space you have more options to clean the dust. Like shelves and tables, the same applies to your interior. Do not cover the whole room with lots of accessories. Stick with furniture that would match with the proportion of the room and also not make the space look crowded.

Trendy colours– Every year the choice of colour of the designer changes and a new one emerges as the colour of the year. Though colours may change or not but your room always needs a colour pop every once a while to keep it new and refreshing. Instead of investing in bigger stuff like buying a red couch or painting the walls green, you should go with a change of colours for the cushions, drapes, wallpapers, vases etc. which becomes less costly and also gives the whole appearance an enhanced look after every couple of months. It becomes far too easy for you to buy or change the pillow covers than changing the complete upholstery of the furniture.

Practical furniture– Furniture with weird shape or bucket seat that see in the designer magazines would look great but remember they look awesome because the room is designed in a manner that it would fit in the room. Just because you loved that craft and design at the furniture store doesn’t mean it will go perfectly with your interior setting. Consult a designer before investing in expensive pieces. Also no matter how fine a sofa looks, if it isn’t comfortable to sit do not buy it. The same condition applies for all your furniture, buy stuff which are practical and would bring comfort and warmth to your home. Look for designs that would make you feel at home, not a designer artwork that would be just a piece of junk after a few days of use.

Country Chair Wooden Furniture Rocking Porch

Cosiness– When we buy a sofa we should always look at the comfort level it would give us and seriously it is very important. You don’t want to buy another couch after 5 months because the one you bought isn’t good to relax. Same goes with your rugs as well, bring one which feels soft and warm on your legs. Try to purchase things that not just look good but also feel good as well.

Upholstery Convenient Colored Sofa Sit Couch

Qualities not Quantity– People make this silly mistake of thinking about the quantity of the product rather than the quality. Just because you have too many space on your shelf doesn’t mean you stuff it with accessories, just because you want to décor the wall doesn’t mean you cover all of it with art pieces. There is a limit to everything and you should realise it before it’s too late.  Choose your home décor stuff wisely and look for quality products that would become a focal point of that particular area. Bring in unique items that would be a charm in itself rather than putting everything just for the sake of art.

Lighting– Though nowadays the light fixtures are so great that you instantly fall in love with them and would love to install them but nothing could be aesthetic and timeless like the natural lighting. Go for window coverings at your living room to let in most light and make the room warm and breezy. For your bedroom and kitchen you can choose skylights which would illuminate during the day and let you gaze the stars at night.

Durability– when you are thinking of decorating your home, you should always choose items which has durability and would be always fresh even if the trend returns after a decade. Rather than bringing lots of low quality items that would run out their time spend wisely in a high quality durable product.

Cool tones– You should choose cool tones like caramel, plum and ochre as they are timeless and would be always in trend no matter what. You can either paint the walls in these cool tones or bring upholsteries. Regardless of time and trend these cool tones would look chic, classy and cosy.

Grey shade- Since decades grey has always been in trend and it isn’t going fade away so easily. From dark to light match grey with warm hints of blue, white or any timeless colour. You can include this colour to various things in the room, on walls, upholsteries, wall paper and accessories.

Storage friendly- You should decorate your home in such a way that it always looks organized all the time. When you style your storage space in such a way that it has maximum capacity of storage, it never goes out of style and keeps your home in order. Check few aesthetic and chic ideas at a designer website and create your own beautiful storage space.

You should at least keep this in mind that not everything in your room should be timeless. You should be updated with the recent trends and bring a dash of these chic styles along with your timeless art work. To organize your party and let your hair down as well, you should go trendy with accessories that will be inexpensive as well as bring the modern essence to your home as well. Try bringing in recent trends in things like fabrics, wall papers, vases or paintings. As new trend keeps on coming you can change these items and do the necessary makeover of your home as and when required.