When it comes to redecorating a room there are millions of options where you could reuse your same rustic chic items in a different angle and space and make the whole setting look new and different. This style of décor is totally different from all your ultra-modern design ideas and gives you a wide option of choosing various styles starting with soft woodsy theme to all big open seaside auras. Whatever might be your choice of theme, in rustic chic designs everything is focused upon a single centerpiece. Generally this centerpiece is either any hardwood or some kind of modern driftwood wall hanging, usually varying among this two. They help give the room a very rustic look which you want to create and at the same time also makes the room look elegant.

The best inspiration of this style of room décor comes from the yesteryear art and romance, where everything was simple with a focused desire to enhance the charm and uniqueness of the era. It was the time when technology wasn’t in the forefront and everything that was used for décor had a handmade touch which made it more precious. A rustic style living room would usually have items that are very rare or one of its kind. Even the materials found here would be very raw like textiles, handmade, blemished wood, metals and brass items which would be the focal points of the room. Designers often feel challenged to create a room of such decorum and often have to work in details to create a space that is modern, eccentric and still have the bygone era drama that would elude anyone who enters the room. They have to specific about every particular thing so that they do not compromise upon the practicality and comfort of the room while decorating.

The rustic chic rooms usually have the walls painted in white or grey color accentuated with calm colors like green and brown which would complement the rustic wooden look of the room. The design and the lines of the room is often approved by the woman but they should also have the comfort and balanced factor in them so that the men of the house would like it too. Today, we have brought for you such interesting and really stunning designs and styles that go with the rustic chic theme and at the same time looks elegant and comforting too.

  1. Summery Sunshine- This room’s key art factor is its simplicity and the bygone era England’s charming sensibility merged along with each other. You can feel the comfort and cosines the room has by just looking into it. Tucked in the corner is the wooden filling cabinet that is actually a remodel of an old cabinet but the renovated chest steals the show of everything else present there. This unique table also works as a fine coffee table and when matched with the patterned throw pillows and the beautiful green organic plant as the centerpiece, the whole scenario of the room glooms like the morning sunshine. A small designer hack, if you are confused while decorating this room in this all raw rustic style, then paints everything white starting with walls, shelves to flooring. Make it your tiny canvas and stroke them with splash of colors by adding fabrics, furnishing and upholsteries in various shades. With time you will know which color suits your personality and you would really surprise how the room brightens up with time.

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  1. The dangling chandelier- Chandeliers are in fashion since time immemorial and they never cease to make one look up with wonder. Such is their beauty that if you install one at your living room, you along with your family and guest would love the way it enhances the whole room. This New York City living room of Marie Antoinette would look really boring had she not gone bold enough to decorate the room with this lighting chandelier. Very feminine from all side yet opulent from all corners, you can call it a rustic hybrid space of wonder. Furnished with the Versailles worthy chandelier, the splurge sofa, faux fur throws; plush custom made carpeting makes it an epitome of comfort, style and sophistication. Complementing the room is the amazing scroll work shelving and the very warmly and friendly wooden coffee table that merges the modern style with the rustic look making it a versatility of modern hybrid style. The most beautiful addition that gives everything else a personal touch is the pocket watch clock with its silver shade hanging on the wall and the garden accents. The room is the best example to show that smaller interiors could outshine the rest too because of the off-white taupe tones that help to brighten up the room in the most essential way.

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  1. Driftwood charms- When we say rustic, driftwoods come hand in hand with it. They are amazing free form wooden canvases that work remarkably well with your interiors and are best places to display your portraits and prints to your guest. They lets you decorate your home in the most stylish pacific northwest touch making the whole space look bright and breezy. Let them sit beside lighter shade wall paintings; these would make them look more dramatic. Whether a single bar is suspended alone or you install a row of them, when kept in contrast with the lighter shade, their wooden richness is felt and seen more precisely. Decorate a particular corner of your living room with colourful glass floats, wooden driftwood work and few unique founds from the flea market to craft a corner that look personal to you and eccentric to the guest.

Source: mapleleavessycamoretrees.com

  1. Natural Beauty- While styling up your room with the famous rustic chic décor, remember that the most essential quality of this style is the way you can merge in a variety of pattern, texture, art and antique designs together and make your room look elegant. Rustic elements can make any part of the room look sophisticated and comfortable, like this brown leather sofa sits confidently in the room complementing the delicate French prints and anchoring the fancy centrepieces. Adding more details to the fancy look is the simple woven rug that lets anyone feel the warmth of lively feeling of the room. Be a little bold and add eclectic throw pillow and cushions of varied textile with the modern fabric designs. A minute detailing of this style is bringing in wooden tray from the flea market to display your personal treasures. They act as stunning catchalls for your centrepiece décor of the room.

Source: ablissfulhaven.com

  1. Driftwood with a Twist- Doesn’t this headboard seem a little too awesome? Yes, we know the look totally rocks. This is a total recycles work and one must have never though they would come handy in this way. The repurpose headboard over the wooden sofa looks elegant, classy and up to date at the same time. Surrounding the sofa is the lavender tinged charcoal hue that adds a dramatic rustic décor to the best pick by the editor look. A lot of flora and fauna is being added to the room with sunny pillow throws which lets the colour scheme of the room being broken in the most beautiful way. The unique wall art over the sofa makes the twisted fun of the room livelier.

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  1. Driftwood set- Loved the rustic chic décor but short of space? Now you can decorate your room even if you have a smaller space by using this beautiful headboard-style driftwood. This coffee table with the multi cabinet looks amazing in your tiny living room. It has the much required beauty of a driftwood set and also frees up most of your space. You are not left out with a loss of space and time by wondering the best place to display your prized possessions without eating up extra area of the room. If you do not want to display your belonging but only want it as a storage space then you can bring in few small size wicker baskets and slid them inside the cabinets. They would not just be another storage unit but also add a rustic wooden charm to the whole setting. When you have a room which is painted white and almost everything is either too flashy or too neutral, this wooden old piece would bring in the perfect balance to the art of the artisan as well as the practicality of the object.

Source: capitolcustoms.wordpress.com

  1. Bring the outside décor inside- Doesn’t this room remind you about the beautiful florist shop at the corner of the French colony? The room celebrates the beauty of an outdoor florist shop with the presence of this driftwood woodsy sideboard table. The wooden rusty table displays a range of fine collection starting with house plants to cherished flotsam to candle stands to gadgets. It works as a great frame to the television set installed on the wall and a stand for the stereo system. Adorning the cabinet is the log pieces, green plants, foliage and the stacked branches which give any passer-by a warm feeling of passing through a forest. Small tip for you while you go with this décor idea is to take extra care of while lighting candles near the faux plants as there is high chance of potential fire hazard if your do not keep a clear space for the candles.

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  1. Soft and fuzzy world- The perfect room crafted with love and care for the winter queen. This decorating theme with the whites and silvers anchored with soft fabrics and that rustic unvarnished table is the perfect output of a room from the wintery willow. To make the surrounding more magical and dramatic, lots of candles are being planted over the place. The glooming silver clock hanging on the wall offers the room a welcoming hand of invitation. The most essential addition of the room is the faux fur sofa throw that lets you snuggle into the room and let the warmness engulf you from inside.

Source: mainfeile.com

  1. Sea traveller’s paradise- Don’t you feel like this room is meant for the one who has been travelling by sea since ages? This utterly precious looking room with the high combination of rustic with cabin styles makes one feel like entering into a room from the Charlotte Bronte inspired novels. Very beautiful, bright, uncluttered, vintage splurges, lush porcelain, floral essence and the picturesque walls wouldn’t look complete without the antique steamer truck table sitting at the corner. The most promising loom of this style is the canvas armchairs that give the whole surrounding a very old traditional look. It is the perfect example for an intimate seating arrangement when you have limited space and still want to create a timeless theme interior.

Source: jillianharris.com

  1. Glowing Star Living Room- Even in the rustic chic décor styles there are few contemporary designs that look best when implemented at the living room, like this room with the Cape Cod ambiance that looks amazing even for no good reason at all. The all-time favourite nautical blue and white strip design is never going to go out of style. This room with the blue and white combination and the enhancement of ship plank inspired wood, tinkling vintage chandeliers and modern furnishing makes the room complete. The fine line of display that showcases the owners favourite books, items of interest, antique finds and they make the room’s temperament neutral when merged with the modern gadgets. To make the atmosphere of the room seamless and calm, the assorted candles and the vases are arranged along with the rest of the accents.

Source: pictaram.com

  1. The mermaid’s Abode– A bright combination of shimmery summer silver with the rustic décor keeps the room free for your imaginary interpretation. The designer has worked a lot of make this room look so magical with the use of greys, silvers, ivories, taupe’s adorning this beautiful communal space. One can easily feel the comfort and warmth the room would provide by looking at the piled up fluffy pillows, the floor cushions and the soft rug at the same time. Giving the room a shade of mortality is the wall lamp in multi-toned colour shade and the tall candles that provide a soft light ample for the intimate and ethereal setting. Do not clutter up the walls and floors with too much of wall hangings and furnishing, keep everything minimal to revive the enchanting look of the room.

Source: welke.nl

  1. Neutrally Gorgeous- This is a combination of prime and pristine art with rustic chic style. Faux fur covering is being installed in the room which acts as a dazzling contrast to the rustic décor style. Lots of tones and textures are being mixed in order to make this room look so great and gorgeous. The glass topped coffee table, the reminiscing candle covering, the aesthetic furnishing, the floral touches and the fur throws and cushions makes this room an epitome of neutral fantasy for anyone who loves rustic combined with modesty.

Source: eleganthomesinla.com

  1. Hunter’s Den- The aesthetic custom rug, the Edwardian boxer photographic print, the neutral layout and the graceful element all combined together is the outcome of this masculinely awesome hunter’s living room. The sly masculine charm that it showcases with the clean lines and basic colour scheme makes the room a favourite for any bachelor who loves to keep in touch with the antiques and yet be modern in every aspect. The cool laid back tones and the attractive pieces like the ceiling lamp that looks like a lobster trap, the coffee table made out of rolling bar tray, the house plants covered up in dome size and the khadi styles textile drapes gives a visitor enough admiration to look and enquire.

Source: harpersbazaar.nl

  1. Marble Magic- This living room looks up-to-date and revised like any other modern stylish rooms of this season’s trending designs but the one thing that keeps it rooted to its natural ground is the unpretentious backdrop of rustic furnishing. The lighting fixtures of the room showcase the sconce at the walls and the candle light chandelier in the centre that illuminates the room in the most dramatic way. Installed on one side is the stone fireplace that gives you an inviting warmth during winters while the blue and white shade throws gives you a nautical theme like relaxation. The soft white fur, the beautiful flower vase, the wildlife scenes at the mantel piece and the glass domed candles gives the room a finishing touch that’s eclectic, charming and royal at the same time.

Source: midwesthomemag.com