There are thousands of decorating ideas and you would be tired reading them because there is no end to it. If this minute one design was crafted by a designer in the next minute another would be there. The choices are thousands but what to choose and what not to depend upon you. We know very well that decorating a home is a chaotic business and since there are far too many options our choices gets jumbled up. But don’t you think this is what makes the whole idea of designing really interesting? Whether you go for the very low budget home DIY activities or décor hacks provided by the top designers that would surely label you as one among the best home owners, here we will be telling you few super exciting tips that would make you love your home every time you enter. We are here to make your dream home come true.

  1. The walls of the room are the biggest canvas where we should make our masterpiece. Hang in canvases in the walls with latex paints on it and fill the wall with them. Think big think extraordinary.

Photo by Bob Hiemstra

  1. Side tables are great addition to display your arts and lightings. Buy a stepped side table at a budget cost from amazon and make it your revived storage space. Stack your favourite books in the most colourful covers or place miniature still life cubbies or place a house plant, make it a mini focal point of that particular space.

Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo

  1. Hanging plates on the wall is the newest trend that everyone is exploring and loving the type of art it creates. Bring in various plates of unexpected colours and arrange them on the wall. It need not be of same colour, pattern or texture, be experimental and pick up your favourites. Place the one which you feel has the most dramatic feel attached to it in the centre and work the rest of the way with other.

Photo by Bob Hiemstra

  1. Wickers are cool and that intricate design it has makes it look wonderful in your interiors. The inexpensive wickers which seems to belong to the outdoor setting often looks out of the blue when placed interiors and change the complete mood of the room. Arrange wicker chairs in a bright corner of your living room and mix them with sunny premium upholsteries to make it a cosy corner of the room.

Photo by Paul Wicheloe

  1. Being creative always helps you when you start to remodel a home. Make your own piece of art or download art pieces from the internet, let it float between two glasses and frame it. Hang them on the wall and let the wall colour be illuminated through the glass and create the illusion of a customized mat.

Photo by Frances Janisch

  1. Get down on your knees and start doing some craft work with felt and mittens. Try out a variation of ideas like making pompom from yarn and make a wall art or cut felt into mittens and stick them to a frame with glue.

photo by Michael Luppino

  1. Bring the beach to your home by decorating a certain part of the home in the beach theme. Use different types of beautiful shells, sands, colourful stones, woods and other beach bounty and decorate the area. It could be the stairway, entryway, space above stairway, kitchen or bathroom. Bring in a rustic as well as an ease to the eyes with this unique display.

Photo by Ditte Isager

  1. Bring in a cheap lamp from the charity store and give life to it by attaching ribbon, frills and eye chart. You can easily get one printed and paste it in the lampshade to create this unique visual art.

Photo by Lucas Allen                           

  1. If your bed doesn’t have an attached headboard, get one by painting the wall. Fake an amazing headboard at a cost that is less than your slippers and also save lots of floor space with this kickass idea.

Photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy

  1. Pictures play a very crucial role in our life keeping our memories cherished and reminisce the great moments always. Pick the best shots from your album and frame them together in identical frames. Either paints an art piece like a giant tree and makes it look like the frames hang from the branches or hang them in a long line. If you are not too in touch with painting then opt for geometric arrangements as they don’t tend to go wrong any day.

Photo by Bob Hiemstra

  1. When you have a large room and there is particular work of each corner of the room then you can try defining a space by using certain art. Like using a foyer like in this has helped create a fine charismatic drama and light to the space.

Photo by Paul Whicheloe

  1. Lampshades always makes the space utterly lovely and when you go for bold statements with coloured lampshades it brings in a fire that one never thought before. Do not bring in too much colour in one room, select one for each room or limit the bold to one particular room and blend in the rest in neutral shades so that they complement with the bold one.

Photo by Bob Hiemstra

  1. If a particular side of the room needs to be brightened up then bring in a side table and let it have a pile of books in it. A stack of books is always eye catching and when your shelves are not high enough to even deep to make place for all your books inside it then this is the best way to accommodate them.

Photo by Sarah Maingot

  1. Fragrance candles are totally amazing and keeping them lit in your room brings a magical environment. Keep your candles massed in a side table or at the coffee table in different size. The size of the candles should be proportionate to the size of the table. Let them settle in glass containers and make it a focal point of the corner.

 Photo by Susie Cushner