Adding a flash of green, whether it’s a green accent wall or a few seafoam green throw cushions, will radically change any living area. Dark moss and emerald green are great hues to use if you want a more dramatic look. Looking for some peace and quiet? Use a gentler colour, such as mint, to paint your walls. There’s also the tried-and-true lime green for those wishing to make a strong statement. We’ve got you covered if you’re not sure which colour is right for you. Continue scrolling to view our hand-picked collection of the best green living rooms from across the world, created by designers and visualizers.



The white entertainment console and accent chairs in this modern living room wonderfully contrast the green walls. A fresh and invigorating design style can be achieved by combining green and white. That adorable ottoman coffee table is one of our favourites!



This room is a contemporary refuge thanks to the odd combination of dark moss green walls and coral accent couch. The pink modern sofa not only provides visual appeal to the space, but it also keeps the red accent pillows and rug from giving the area a terrible Christmas vibe.



The room’s rich green colour isn’t swamped by the large windows that let in plenty of natural light. To obtain a similar tribal vibe, combine rusty orange with sage green.



This space has a fresh, rustic air thanks to the Kelly green and wood accent pieces. Bringing the sensation of nature indoors with green items like the sumptuous sofa, ottoman coffee table, and wood side console is a terrific way to bring the feel of nature indoors and the ideal combination to give a living room a fresh look.



The utilisation of nature wall art, huge windows, and a distinctive ceiling fan give this living space a natural atmosphere. Orange accent pillows offer just the proper amount of colour to balance out the green walls.



This custom living room exudes luxury thanks to a large accent rug, floor-to-ceiling paintings, and a marble fireplace. It simply goes to show that you don’t need a wild colour pallet to pull off a nice living room design, with the olive green walls being the sole bright hue in the area.



The colour combination of orange and green is ideal for people who want to make a statement. Take a cue from this living room’s style and paint the backboard of a bookcase in a contrasting colour. It’s not only a terrific method to draw attention to wall shelves, but it can also be utilised to give some colour to free-standing bookshelves.



A vibrant green and grey combination might be exactly what your living space requires. Remember that even minor adjustments in your environment may have a significant influence. Try a floor lamp to offer some softer lighting for a cosier atmosphere, or a distinctive coffee table if you want to add an useful statement piece.



The right blend of tranquillity and elegance is achieved in this Asian-inspired living room design. If you like the look, check out modern asian influenced design for additional ideas and inspiration.



Small living rooms may be both elegant and useful, as seen by this example. The vibrant lime green ottomans, throw pillows, and vases in this modern living room contrast well with the geometric blue sofa cushions and wood accessories. The combination of a bright colour and wood is a fantastic technique to help create a welcoming and enjoyable environment.



In this contemporary living area, a high-gloss, textured green accent wall contrasts beautifully with the wide windows. The use of green adds vibrancy and warmth to a room that would otherwise be monotone.



Without getting your hands messy with paint, an accent item like this wonderful chaise lounge chair is a terrific way to give the rich sense of moss green to a space. Although this chair is shown in velvet grass, it is also available in a variety of different colours and materials.



In this modest living area, a pink accent wall contrasts with the nearby minty colours to create a soothing atmosphere. Curtains have been utilised to cover any debris on bookshelves that may make the room feel crammed, ensuring that such a small area does not appear unduly busy.



The pink overhead lighting, the dark green couch, and a designer table lamp all add to the living room’s striking look. The two lion heads on the wall, of course, don’t hurt either.



If you’re looking for a mid-century living room, green might be a big help. Dark leather accent seats, a huge ottoman, and brown beamed ceilings wonderfully complement the lime green accent wall in this design. The Noguchi table, a mid-century contemporary coffee table designed by artist Isamu Noguchi, is one of our favourite items in this area.



This party room is made exciting with a wide chevron rug and boldly patterned green drapes. The velvety green sofas, white ottomans, and sky blue accent chairs provide plenty of seating.



To create this peaceful refuge, the off white carpeting in this living room contrasts wonderfully against the medium green wall and mint green couch cushions. It’s the ideal spot to curl up with a blanket and read a book or catch up on your favourite TV series with the addition of a matching floor and table lamp.



White is often associated with sterility and impersonality, but not in this living room. This room’s sage green accent wall, glass coffee tables with warm oak bases, orange throw cushions, and thick pile rug achieve the ideal blend of serenity and style.



This open-concept living area is uncomplicated but stylish. A green backdrop and built-in cupboards complement the flat screen TV. These cabinets are ideal for storing DVDs, game systems, and other goods that might otherwise clutter the space. You can make place for colourful accent items like the trio of beautiful vases seen in this design by cleaning your living area.



Color can help you establish a sense of flow in your design, which is especially important in open-concept rooms. The same seafoam green used on the accent wall in the living room is carried over to the dining room and exhibited on two of the chairs. To bring this room together, the use of colour must be continued. In both rooms, a clean, brilliant white and a contemporary grey have also been employed.



Green has been used in this living room not only in the paint colour and accent cushions, but also in the plants on the wall shelves. The mirrors above the sofa also help to brighten up this long and narrow space. They are not only fashionable, but they also make the room appear larger.



The plants in this living room not only complement the green lounge chair, but they also soften the appearance of the concrete wall. Do you like houseplants but aren’t sure what to get? Check out the indoor house plant post we did a while back, when we spoke about several lovely, yet easy-to-maintain plants.



This pleasant area benefits not only from the huge effect of framing the window in a vivid turquoise, but also from the tiny elements, such as the choice of throw cushions and green vases. View a larger image of this stunning living room.



When we first saw this wonderful living room, we thought of phrases like sleek, elegant, and modern. Every detail matters when working with such a compact space, which is why we appreciate the green accent wall and matching bookshelf, not to mention the stunning Tuan Anh Le art prints. Here are some nature-inspired art prints for sale. Also, how much do you like the type of tables you see here? Then have a look at our article about stacking coffee tables.



With its sputnik chandelier, tile floor, and low furnishings, this eccentric living room has a throwback feel. With the lighted green side wall and sunshine yellow artwork, this area has been beautifully decorated in bright hues. Mario Male, a visualizer, understands that you don’t have to use a lot of colour; you simply have to utilise it properly.



This exquisite Scandinavian-style room is compact but powerful. Although most people wouldn’t think of putting a loveseat in the breakfast nook, this design pulls it off by coordinating the green cabinetry with the couch’s hue.



In your living area, colour blocking an accent wall may make a tremendous difference. It’s not only sleek and modern, but it may also add some much-needed contrast. Because of the sage green wall colour, the white leather couch becomes a focal point in the space. The matching flowers and tables in the same colours as the modern chandelier are also essential to the success of this design.



The eye is drawn to the back of this magnificent living room by a giant wall terrarium. A huge nature painting or mural might have a similar impact, even if such a costly endeavour is not in your budget.



This space feels like an urban jungle thanks to the concrete accent wall and the plants. Do you adore the concept of a concrete accent wall? For additional ideas and inspiration, see 30 Striking Bedrooms That Use Concrete Finish Artfully.



Although not everyone is fortunate enough to have a whole wall of greenery, those who do should consider framing it in a similar manner. Consider using neutrals and letting nature add the color for you to achieve the look. The soothing colours, along with the outside vegetation, provide a fresh and rejuvenating atmosphere.