Many individuals purchase new furniture, paint, carpeting, and other home upgrades in the hopes of transforming their living spaces into stunning environments that they can be proud of. However, your living space can have a lot of potential but isn’t quite there yet. Thankfully, there are lots of low-cost living room décor ideas you can use to rapidly alter your living room and make it appear like you spent thousands of dollars on an interior designer when you actually just spent a few dollars on basic accessories that took minutes to install.


Exhibition on the Walls



Vertical space is something that should never be overlooked. You may showcase your personal collection of paintings, pictures, awards, and souvenirs on that spare wall space, or even utilize it as a piece of art. It may also be used to display and encourage children’s artwork.



Plants for Indoors



Bringing indoor plants into your living area may quickly make it feel more alive and colorful. Indoor plants are wonderful since they come in a variety of forms, sizes, and pricing points. You can find an exotic orchid (on the higher end) or a common spider plant (on the cheaper end) at most garden stores.






Bookcases are an excellent method to add a bookshelf without being too noticeable. If you don’t need to separate sections, consider utilizing a bookcase instead of a room divider. Picture frames may also be utilized as shelves, which is a great way to add some flair and spice without committing too much.






Having a range of pillows in various shapes and sizes can assist you in creating a welcoming and pleasant environment. Adding a splash of color to a pristine white cushion may quickly add interest to your home without detracting from the rest of your décor.



Rugs that can be washed



Rugs, especially if you live in a tiny flat, may rapidly become an eyesore. But what’s a female to do when it comes to covering hardwood floors? Use washable carpets all throughout your house! The nicest feature is that they can be thrown in the washing machine and cleaned quickly.






Hang a pair of curtains in your living room to quickly add additional color. A simple design will brighten up a space, while thick curtains will make it seem warm and inviting. Before you buy anything, make sure to measure your windows so you can acquire curtains that fit precisely!






Instead of tables or end tables, use baskets to make a statement. Because they are lightweight, you can simply move them about and store goods out of sight while still adding flair to your living area. Filling them with seasonal blankets or cushions adds texture to the room, making it look more warm and inviting.






Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive glass candle holders, use used wine bottles. Candles can also be displayed in hurricane lamps, mason jars, and even birdcages. A fantastic method to minimize space while maintaining a warm and classy appearance!



Ladder of Blankets



A ladder leading up to your bed may be made by attaching two L-shaped rungs to a wall. This allows you to place a book or glass of water without having to balance it on your nightstand, as well as giving you extra floor space in your bedroom.






Mirrors are a great aesthetic choice, but in your living room, you want to make sure they’re used for more than just that. These mirrors may be mounted vertically and will reflect light from a lamp or window, providing additional natural illumination in a room that is otherwise gloomy.



Flowers in bloom



Fresh flowers have the power to transform a room’s vibe. Getting fresh flowers and setting them on your coffee table transforms your living space from ordinary to exquisite in an instant. Grab a bunch and arrange it in a simple vase or small pitcher the next time you want to add some flair to your living area for an instant change.


I definitely suggest any of these living room design ideas if you want to quickly change your living room into a pleasant and attractive area. But why choose just one when you can sample them all? Give each of these ideas a try and witness the wonderful result.


All pics credit by : Decoholic