A loft is a space above ground that can be accessed through stairs or an attic. As house design has taken on a more practical tone in the last decade, this home space has become a prominent trend in interior design and architecture. Lofts are a popular choice for modern and contemporary homes that require more room and usefulness.

Loft conversions have grown in popularity as a result. In the conversion process, strict municipal rules and policies must be followed: size, floor area, and accessibility are all specified. For trouble-free loft conversions, enlisting the help of architects and professionals is required.

You’re about to learn about ten of the greatest loft conversion architects in the country. These companies have received numerous industry accolades and have been featured in leading trade publications. Hiring these architects entails working with seasoned residential and loft conversion professionals. Our editorial team assembled a list of architects from across the country to create this list. After that, we evaluated each firm based on a series of criteria that took into account the firm’s work history, background, familiarity with lofts, and overall job quality.

If you’re considering a loft conversion, we recommend checking each contractor’s license with the local licensing board, interacting with previous clients, and using our bidding system to acquire comparative bids from at least three contractors. Obtaining multiple bids is the most effective strategy to verify that you receive a fair price and that the offers cover the entire scope of work.



Architects Brandon


Brandon Architects was established in 2009 as a young and energetic architectural business. The business from Newport Beach specializes in high-end bespoke residences and boutique hotels. Christopher Brandon, the firm’s President, has been captivated by architecture since he was a youngster. He pursued his innate fascination with interior space and art at California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, where he studied architecture. Kaley Brandon, his wife, joined the firm after working in sales and sales management. The business’s boutique appeal is based on the husband-and-wife team, and the firm has a tight interaction with local towns and neighborhoods.

The company has won various honors for its active and forward-thinking design philosophy, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Orange County Award and multiple Gold Nugget Awards. Traditional Home, LUXE Interiors + Design, Modern Luxury Interiors, The Wall Street Journal, and other magazines adore the business.



The firm’s custom house portfolio reflects the firm’s community-centric philosophy. The Fern leaf II, a modern residence a block from the beach, exemplifies the firm’s ability to tackle complex design while maintaining high taste. The house has a bleachy feel to it and a laid-back vibe. The loft of the Fern leaf II is roomy, well-lit, and practical.



Christopher Interiors & Architecture


Experts in high-end design Christopher Architecture & Interiors is a multi-award-winning construction firm with offices in California and New York. Christopher Rebels leads a group of designers, consultants, and artisans. He is a board member of the AIA Alabama branch after graduating from Auburn University. And he has led the company to luxury market success. The business has made it to the finals of the ADAC Southern Architect of the Year competition. Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Arch Daily, Ocean Home, and Birmingham Magazine are among the many media that have featured the business.



An excellent loft can be seen in the Tudor Revival Cottage, which is an illustration of the firm’s construction skills. The villa is painted in an off-white color scheme with opulent accents. Chandeliers, French windows, and shingles were among the additions made by the company.



Chia Desai Architecture


Desai Chia Architecture, an AIA Institute Honor Award winner, has been developing residential and commercial structures since 1996. Arjun Desai and Katherine Chia worked together to create the business. Desai attended MIT and Bennington College. Chia attended MIT and Amherst College. She worked with Maya Lin, a well-known designer, and now sits on the boards of the AIA New York Chapter and the Center for Architecture.

Arch Daily, Interior Design, Dezeen, New York Times, Dwell, Architectural Digest, and New York Magazine have all featured the studio. Desai Chia has also received several industry honors, including the American Architecture Awards from the Chicago Athenaeum, AIA Design Awards, Interior Design Best of Year Awards, the IDEA Award, and other Good Design Awards.



Desai Chia’s work has been shown at the Center for Architecture, Istanbul Biennial, and Milan’s Salone del Mobile. These projects demonstrate the firm’s grasp of luxury and stylish interior design. The Photographer Loft in the photo is a residence with sharp lines and a high-end aesthetic.



Studio on Leroy Street


Leroy Street Studio is a multi-faceted architectural firm that offers architectural, construction, and interior design services. The company has received significant prizes for its multidisciplinary approach, including the AIA New York State Architecture Award and the International Award from the Chicago Athenaeum. Partnerships, collaborations, and expert craftsmanship distinguish the company. The firm’s business operations are overseen by Morgan Hare, Marc Turkel, and Shawn Watts. Hare attended Amherst College and Yale, Turkel attended Yale, and Watts was a Takenaka Fellow in Osaka, Japan. Shawn Watts was also honored with the Architecture Award for Design Excellence.



The firm’s portfolio displays an excellent array of residential homes. The featured work in the photo is the Triple Townhouse, a contemporary home that emphasizes access and mobility through stairs and an exposed five-story atrium. The home is a cozy home to an impressive art collection as well as a family of five.





Gretchen Murdock is an accomplished interior designer with a strong understanding of modern architectural forms. Murdock is inspired by her travels as well as her distinct interpretations of colors, patterns, and styles. She uses a design method that results in complex and useful settings. Murdock founded the company in 2011 to deliver custom-made works and handcrafted projects. The firm’s work has been praised by the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Dwell, and Architectural Digest.



The Dogpatch Residence is the highlighted project, a contemporary home with vibrant colors and patterns. The home lacked individuality prior to the firm’s participation with the project. The business imitated the homeowner’s lifestyle and design preferences by giving the area a distinct personality. The loft conversion is the project’s standout feature. It improved the home’s functionality and elegance.



Architecture & Design SHED


SHED Architecture & Design is a collaborative and innovative architecture and design practice. SHED is powered by high-level partnerships and cutting-edge architectural technology and processes. To produce the finest potential outcomes, the business use 3D rendering technology and tried-and-true design processes. The business also makes use of cutting-edge lighting and materials. Both Thomas Scherer and Prentis Hale graduated from the University of Washington with a Master of Architecture degree.



The studio considers architecture to be a type of applied art. SHED combines practicality and idealism to produce unrivalled achievements. The firm’s high-quality work has been recognized by publications such as Design Milk, Curbed, and Contemporize. The firm’s portfolio includes investments ranging from $250 thousand to $25 million. The shot shows an 800-square-foot loft apartment, which is one of the firm’s most well-known projects. Lonny, Dezeen, and Curbed have all featured this project. The home is ultra-modern in style, with a sleek blend of wood and deep black tones that make the most of the little space.



Architecture for Space


Space 4 Architecture, situated in New York, has been creating award-winning buildings around the state of New York since 1999. The business, which was founded by current principal Michele Busiri-Vici, an alumni of Rome’s La Sapienza University, has a worldwide perspective. Together with new principal Clementina Ruggieri, this design viewpoint was further explored. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of London’s Bartlett School of Architecture before pursuing her master’s degree at Columbia University. Design competition honors have bolstered the firm’s worldwide reputation, including first place in a Latvian competition for a new theatre. Abitare, Design boom, Dezeen, Architectural Digest, Architect Roma, and Maisons Coté Ouest are among the publications that have highlighted the studio.



Custom houses, interiors, retail outlets, and hospitality spaces are among the firm’s diverse portfolio. One of the firm’s greatest loft conversion projects is this Duplex Penthouse in Tribeca. This 3,700-square-foot estate was created with the goal of preserving the property’s inherent openness while increasing the seclusion of its residents. The penthouse was meticulously designed to maximize the New York perspective by including a lower and higher level. The Hudson River and the Downtown Manhattan skyline are visible from this elegant property. This plan is ideal for a family of four with two small children living in New York.



Architects Z


For over 15 years, Z Architects has benefited Alaskan communities, as the business has embraced its Alaskan origins. The business is familiar with Alaska’s distinctive northern geography and how to undertake design and planning work in this difficult environment. The business provides master planning, commercial design, residential work, and interior design, as well as LEED-certified sustainable construction methods.



Marco Zaccaro has been a resident in Alaska for more than 30 years. Prior to founding Z Architects, he graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and worked for six years for a local architectural business. The Hostetler Residence is a great example of the firm’s signature northern style. The house has beautiful woodwork and a clever layout. The residence contains a loft that makes advantage of the home’s tall ceilings.


All pics credit by : Home Builder Digest