Are you an individual staying alone and cosy & compact is the word that best describe your home? If yes, then we are bringing you few really exciting home décor ideas that could make your cosy space a wonderful abode. This décor tips for limited space is best for all the studio apartments and small homes either for individual or a neutral family. What you might have thought to be a cramped tight space could be a cosy warm room full of surprises.

1.Furniture is the foremost thing that you have to check before purchasing because it has to be sizeable enough to fit your home and make it look cosier as well. The furniture that is tagged as “apartment” is the ones you should check as they are made to fit small spaces. Check out the online page of IKEA that has thousands of pictures with furniture that are best for small rooms and how they are positioned. Here you will find the best furniture that would adorn your home and make your room look welcoming and breathable. They have various designs and we are sure one would surely give you the idea of designing your small room in the easiest and best possible way.

2.Since you have lesser space bring in wall units and either place them side by side or put them separately in different rooms. Bring in Armoires as they are great essential that can work out as bookshelf, drawers for your essentials as well as closed door storage for your apparels and other important stuff. You can even bring in one with half glass doors and turn it into a decorative display for your décor stuffs and rest as storage.

3.Bring in a sofa cum bed for your living room, this way it will work both as seating space and also a guest room. They come in most affordable cost but remember do not bring one that is too complicated to operate or too large for the room.

4.Modular seating arrangements are great for a small house because you can easily rearrange the seating area according to the situational wants.  Either arranges them in a circular close unit or split them up and creates sectional seating arrangements. This is one arrangement that you are going to love, place two seats facing one another or three seats arranged in a U shaped position, this will look pretty and gives you and your visitors a space for easy conversation.

5.Small living rooms need less stuff around to make it look bigger. Install a mirror in one of the wall to fake the illusion of a larger room. Also too many accessories would make it look cluttered and smaller so limit the items of the room. Along with furniture bring lesser home décor items as well; instead of too many bring one or two statement pieces that would do the work of many. When a room has the required furniture and accessory in the right place everything looks perfect. Placement is really important no matter what is the size of your room is, so do a proper study on it.