When we say plants it naturally comes to your mind that it should be outside your home, like at the terrace or the patio or the garden but indoor plants are great ideas to enhance your interiors as well. They are extremely versatile and are very interesting way to turn your tables and corners lively. They add great texture as well as keep the room environment fresh. Various studies show that adding a plant to your room helps you distress and purify the air.

There are lots of options from which you can choose to add to your room, starting with an aloe Vera to bamboo plant to fiddle leaf fig to creeping English Ivy.

Here are a few ideas which could help you decorate your room with plants.

1.Hanging plants looks great, especially in the windows with fresh air gushing into the room each time the air blows.

Img: The Glitter Guide


2.Small pots near the sofa or the fireplace look really amazing and add a charm to the area, like this low maintenance Aloe Vera.

Img: Domino

3.If you have a small veranda at the entrance, you can make it look outstanding by adding a small snake plant to it with a beautiful art piece hanging at the wall.

Img: Domino

4.Bedrooms are also great place to add a touch of greenery to it. Bring in a cane tube and plant a bonsai to it. How perfect it would be to wake up to this nature feeling every morning.

Img: Domino

5.A fire mantel does look good with lighting but it would look rather more enhancing if you place small plant pots on it. The space would be lot more cosy than it actually is.

Img: Binti Home Blog;

6.Kitchen corners are great place to add a small potted plant or a cactus. Usually the corners are left bare so adding this piece of greenery would certainly help.

Img: House of Valentina