When many of us think of farmhouse decor, the word “modern” comes to mind as the last thing that comes to mind. Modern Farmhouse decorations (Farmhouse décor) has never been genuinely contemporary till now. A rustic accent in your house may add that warm touch that you’ve been lacking, especially if your room is otherwise modern. You don’t have to live in the country to have a farmhouse home, and you don’t even have to live in the country to have a nice environment. Keeping this in mind, the farmhouse décor elements below perform well in both a traditional and modern setting. It’s all about striking a balance, and these suggestions help you achieve exactly that.

Whitewashed Foyer


whitewash-foyerPic Credit: Trendir

For the greatest results, keep the whitewash to a minimum and make the room feel sleek and modern. It’s all about bringing something new to the table at all times.

If you read our most recent article, you already know that the foyer is one of the most significant parts of a house. It’s a sneak peek at what’s to come. Bring in a whitewashed accent to your entryway if you want to decorate it but don’t know where to start. White might be extremely brilliant or even overwhelming in a room; however, whitewashed items provide a brightening effect without totally taking over. Bring in shiplap and a whitewashed bench to give the foyer a brightening effect that makes it feel fresh. Combine with plants to get a pleasing balance.


Bold Beams


Bold BeamsPic Credit: Trendir

To get a multi textured look, use an all-wood ceiling and work in the beams. It’s all about generating a charm that feels new each time you use it.

Large statement beams are ideal for creating a warm contrast in a room. It’s all about giving the area a modern, new, and fresh vibe while maintaining the room’s original design style. Furthermore, the prominent beams create a relaxing impact in the area, instantly making the ceiling appear larger. There’s something about the enormous beams that creates a striking contrast in the room.

Suspended Wood Mirrors


suspended-wodden-mirrorsPic Credit: Trendir

When it comes to hanging your mirrors, use a suspended mechanism to give the room an edge in a less evident way.

Consider hanging wood mirrors from the ceiling if you want to add a rural, rustic atmosphere to your bathroom. Suspended mirrors are not only attractive, but they also make a natural statement. It’s almost as though the place acquires an edgy vibe without even trying. It’s a subtle approach that easily transforms the space into a rustic retreat. In a less visible way, you want to make the mirrors feel like the room’s main emphasis.


Barn Doors


barn-doorsPic Credit: Trendir

It is entirely up to you whether you choose a barn sliding door or simply a barn door. The goal is to make the barn doors the focal point of the room.

Take advantage of any opportunity to install a barn door and do so. The concept is to improve any conventional door by entirely altering it. Whether you use a barn door as part of your pantry, as an outside door, or even as a little door for your cabinets, you want it to be the focal point of your room.

Wall Lanterns


wall-lanternsPic Credit: Trendir

When working with lanterns, use similar sizes and colours to create a unified look that makes sense in the space. The perspective should appear and feel big while also being fresh and new.

Why have just one lantern when you can make a lantern wall montage out of an entire wall? This idea is not only unique, but it also allows you to show as many or as few lanterns as you desire. Furthermore, this strategy provides you with the ideal middle ground. It’s both rustic and modern at the same time. To truly create a statement in both decorating styles, opt with modern or rustic lanterns. Using battery-operated lanterns, though, you can eventually light up the entire call.


Overall Shiplap


shiplap-living-roomPic Credit: Trendir

Paint your shiplap a bright white to bring the room to life while keeping the rustic feel.

Use shiplap from wall to ceiling to take your shiplap project to the next level. It’s all about establishing a welcoming atmosphere from the moment you enter the room. Paint your shiplap a striking hue of white, blue, or even both to give the area a rustic feel. Shiplap works because it creates a seamless look that is open, airy, and rustic all at the same time. Furthermore, work with what you currently have in the room and let it serve as the room’s underlining message.


Paint the Kitchen Cabinets


Paint-blue-cabinetsPic Credit: Trendir

When painting your cabinets, stick to a single colour scheme. This will keep the area feeling unified and fresh while also keeping it edgy.

Painting your kitchen cabinets may quickly boost your kitchen, whether you consider it a statement piece or not. You might almost think of it as the ideal way to embrace the space while still being simple and cost-effective. When you want to make a statement, use a bold colour, or use a pastel shade to simply refresh the area, in general, providing the perfect splash of colour. It’s all about giving even the most worn-out space a fresh look.


Multiple Shades of Wood


multiple-shades-of-woodsPic Credit: Trendir

Due to the different dimensions, working with multiple colours of woodworks will bring out the best in each shade on its own and when combined with other aspects.

We all forget that wood comes in a variety of colours from time to time. It’s ideal for individuals who want to use wood but don’t want to use a single shade or aren’t fond of darker wood. If that’s the case, use a variety of wood tones that complement each other while also making a statement on their own. It’s all about striking the right balance. When it comes to decorating and remodelling a place, striking a balance is crucial. Furthermore, using different tones of wood is one of the simplest ways to include a farmhouse aesthetic without going overboard.




florals-in-kitchenPic Credit: Trendir

When it comes to flower design, go for a retro look. When you want to get a modern yet rustic look, the trick is to work with black and white tones.

Florals are a decorative style that isn’t necessarily country or rustic. While many of us recall the nostalgic rhythm from our visits to our grandparents’ homes, others are completely unaware of it. Despite the fact that florals have been around for centuries, they are finally getting the attention they deserve. They are getting more modern and trendy, and they may be used in every room of the house. Floral décor has the best of both worlds: it seems rustic and nostalgic while yet being oh very modern. Use floral wallpaper in any room in the house that requires a unique touch.

Open Shelving


open-shelviingPic Credit: Trendir

When it comes to deciding which form of shelf will work best for you, you should embrace both and fall in love with the texture they may bring.

There’s nothing quite like exposed shelving to scream rustic. Simply put, open shelving works! The key reason for this is that you may show off your favorite things without going overboard. Traditional shelving combined with open shelving gives you the most bang for your buck. Working with contrast and allowing both styles of shelving to flow effectively in your kitchen are the keys to success. Neither should feel as if they are taking up too much space or that they are the Centre of attention.


What element of farmhouse décor would you like to incorporate into your home? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section .