Design is a continuous process. I’m always shocked that no matter how much time passes, our house always seems to have room (or a need!) for new renovations. For a long time, I’ve wanted to finish up our main bedroom, knowing that I needed two modest updates: 1) fresh paint and 2) new window treatments.




If you’re curious about how this space evolved, it all began about two years ago when I finally found a plan that worked for us. Since then, it’s been a never-ending cycle of experimenting with lighting, layering, and restyling. And this is where we are right now.





The most recent upgrades have made a significant difference in the area, and I’ll begin with the new blinds!


I ended up working with Decorview in November to get some gorgeous, more useful shades for our bedroom. I had a fantastic in-home appointment with a local designer, who was quite helpful in narrowing down my choices! We started with all of these since I knew I wanted a natural feel…


And here’s what I came up with! (PS: Magnolia from the Hacienda collection came in second place!)


The tone, texture, and way it was weaved were all factors in my decision to go with ‘Playa Grande.’ If you compare ‘Magnolia’ to ‘Magnolia,’ you’ll notice that the tone is very similar, but the grid is much more visible. Hunter Douglas Provenance® Woven Wood Shades by Decorview with Tamarindo Fabric in Playa Grande is the exact specification for this choice.





Aside from the fact that we needed to replace our current blinds due to their age, another strong motivator for us to step up our game here was the fact that we needed greater seclusion in this room! The ability to switch between top-down and bottom-up capabilities was really useful. I can now leave these open all day (usually in this same position!) to let in all of that beautiful light while still retaining privacy from our neighbours! It also improves our perspective. Because we’re a little higher up than the houses next door, all I see now when I look out the window is countryside rather than houses.






I like these shades even when they’re completely closed. They create a second layer of texture behind our bed, and we added a room-darkening lining that allows some light in while maintaining privacy. I adore the warmth they add to the room!


If you’re considering new shades, I can’t suggest working with a Decorview in-home consultant enough. It’s completely free, and with so many possibilities to pick from, you’ll be able to get exactly what you want with the assistance of someone with a creative eye! You may book a consultation right here.


Which brings me to the second change we made: the colour of the paint!!





To be honest, I had a lot of trouble with this one. I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted in this room. After asking my husband for his opinion, which was’some shade of lilac indigo grey,’ I had a total pivot moment after selecting a few creamy-putty colours for the wall. I shivered at first. Then I came upon this inspiration and thought to myself, “Perhaps it’s possible?”


Our most recent piece of artwork also served as a source of inspiration. My friend Sarah Hurt at Seattle Art Source sold me this Paul Edmondson piece. She was wonderful to deal with – she assisted me with choosing the frame and everything!







The lavender undertone is the perfect balancer to the yellow wood in the bedroom, which has a lot of warm tones. (If you’re not sure, examine your colour wheel: yellow-orange and blue-violet are complementary hues!) To be honest, most people will mistake our walls for grey because they are so faint, but they are the perfect dose of ‘colour’ in a small area for me.



Most significantly, I adore how serene the space now appears! It’s a true mini-retreat for us.


Along with the new paint and window treatments, there were also a host of fresh minor styling moments. Above the dresser, we hung a large floating shelf (from Ikea!) that I love. We used to have just one small one, but this one is far more practical! I can now create art out of my scents and gemstones. Yay! Art in general was a significant component of my revamp, and I adore each and every item.




My new runner, which I got from my buddy Hayley at Neon Doves, is also fantastic. From this angle, it’s difficult to discern, but it picks up all of the lovely reddish tones in the art print above.





Over the holidays, I also treated myself to some new bedding, including a Cuyana duvet cover and Serena & Lily shams.




While the colour scheme is a bit out of the ordinary in comparison to the rest of the house, it still appeals to me. It’s a good combination of masculine and feminine energy, and – bonus – I recently discovered that the equivalent hue for this corner of our home, according to the Feng Shui Bagua map, is… purple. I’m hoping that this barely-there colour will add to those ‘rich and success’ vibes!