Decorating your kitchen may add a personal touch to your design and make it seem more like yours. Adding a few decorative pieces to your kitchen may completely alter the room, but you might be thinking, “I have no idea what to choose or what is perfect for my kitchen space.” Here are some basic ideas and inspirational photographs for kitchen art and décor.


More is less





If you’re having difficulties deciding, go for something with a bright color. Color is significant in kitchen design, especially in tone-on-tone, black-and-white, or extremely neutral kitchens. Bold and vibrant components will undoubtedly make the area “pop” and become more dynamic. Flowers in a mason jar or vase are frequently the ideal answer. In the center of the table, place a bouquet of flowers on a little tray. You may also use an embroidered or crocheted runner below the tray. A few of candles on the tray are also a wonderful touch. Seasonal blossoms never fail to warm the heart.



Creating the Right Environment




Look for quirky, one-of-a-kind objects for your room whether you’re out shopping or perusing antique stores. These frequently offer a unique touch to the design and create a sense for the room in an ambiance that reflects your individuality. In the kitchen, I enjoy a little bit of the unexpected. Combine opposites and bring the outdoors in and the inside out by blending modern and classic elements. Have fun transforming your house into a home by blurring the borders.



The Walls are Covered with Art




I adore art in any room of the house, but especially in the kitchen. Art has the ability to touch our minds and hearts. An inspired piece of art might become the center point of your kitchen, prompting you to rearrange your furniture or add a certain color to the design in response to it. With the pieces you select, you create color and texture.



Three Dimensional Art Sculptural Elements






The purchase of an art sculpture, ceramic object, or antique may have a backstory. We appreciate it when customers incorporate these items into our design work because it tells their narrative in a unique way while also providing them with a lot of satisfaction while living in the kitchens we create. Our homeowners exhibited three bronze dancers on top of their range hood in the first shot.


Artifacts & Objects




This basic spice caddy looks great next to the stove, with utensils hanging from a railing system.




Candlesticks, candelabras, earthenware, wood, sculptures, and statues are all good choices for art. Another affordable approach to create texture and dimension is to use filled apothecary jars. Whether your kitchen is entirely modern or formal classic, wooden bowls, cutting boards, or baskets always make the space seem cozier.



Element of Culture


All pics credit by : Kitchen Designs By KenKelly


This customer used “Feng Shui” design to give the area a spiritual feel and regulate the flow of positive energy. The contours of an antique Chinese coin inspired the handcrafted wood panels that surround the kitchen entry, merging the client’s Chinese culture into the design.