When asked by House & Home Magazine what interior design trends are “out” this year, Leanne Ford replied, “judgement!” Nothing is forbidden! If you appreciate it, go ahead and do so. Anyway, everything always comes back around!” and oaf yeah yes yes to every word of her reply This is the precise atmosphere I’m going for in 2022, and how I believe everyone should approach house design in general.

I’ve never been one to follow “trends,” preferring instead to stick to more traditional design features, but there are a few things I’ve noticed popping up more regularly recently — all of which I enthusiastically support. So I provide this piece about interior design trends with the proviso that as long as it makes you happy, you’re doing it properly. The interior design trends listed below are accomplishing exactly that for me.







I’ve talked about the necessity of layering your lighting before, but it’s something that requires its own piece. Having a variety of lighting sources in one area, such as wall sconces, pots, chandeliers, and table lamps, not only gives your home a rich appeal, but it also allows you to change the atmosphere of the space throughout the day. The small lamp interior design trend is one of my favorites since it adds another layer of illumination to play with. Look at how adorable she is!










While miniature lights are popular this year, wall sconces, chandeliers, and, well, lamp shades in general are as well. I’m seeing everything from pleated and fluted shades (hello 90’s throwback!) to woven and scalloped shades in this arena. I like the fun element this adds to a place.









While herringbone flooring, softly curved side splashes, and breadboard walls have never “gone out of style” in my opinion, there’s no disputing that these old world-sequel elements are popular in the design world right now, and for good reason. These small but significant design accents truly assist to elevate one’s house, and I love that they’re an homage to all of their design forefathers, instantly infusing a place with personality and charm.









Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely like cane (drool! ), but I believe that this interior design trend has taken a backseat in recent years in favor of its woven rivals. Vases, lamp covers, and pendant lights are all examples of woven materials in unexpected places. They’re wonderful for incorporating texture (a requirement in home design) and a sense of weirdness (in the very best way).









I’ll be the first to say that café curtains were one of the few interior design trends that I wasn’t quite sold on when I first saw them. But the more I see it around, the more I like it. It not only has traces of the aforementioned old worm charm we discussed, but it also provides seclusion while allowing enough of light to pass through. It’s form and function at its best, and I think I’ve converted.


All pics credit by : Dwellinggawker