Above all, the master bedroom should exude a romantic atmosphere (and not just for aesthetic purposes). Plush throws, gauzy canopy beds, mood lighting, and evocative artwork are just a few examples. Take a look at these romantic bedroom ideas for couples and individuals, which range from trendy, surprising rooms to classic retreats. After that, all you have to do is dim the lights.


Make It Open Air



It’s absolutely worth considering if you’re in the ideal environment for an open-air design just for the romanticism element. The accordion-style doors fold open to take in the wind in this Hawaiian getaway by Catherine Kwong.



Add Unique Lighting



Hotel rooms are always a little more dreamy and romantic than your ordinary bedroom. So why not jot down some ideas to take home with you? The ETC.etera-designed Firehouse Hotel is a prime example. Moroccan pendant lights bring a bit of bronze to the room while also casting a lovely pattern. Ideal for setting the atmosphere!



Stack Soft Layers



Have you ever wanted to climb into bed even more than you do now? The somber grey velvet walls and headboard add a smoky, texturally rich fascination and mystery to Alison Pickart’s otherwise white, light, and airy environment. These walls don’t require any artwork since they speak for themselves.


Showcase Fluffy Florals



Roses and violets are red and blue, but have you encountered the most romantic flower of all? We’re talking about pampas grass, a fluffy, ethereal dried plant. Corinne Marthern used it to create some simple romanticism in her California bedroom.



Make Your Walls Shine



Lacquer paint’s high-gloss finish instantly transforms any environment into something elegant and sensual. Things will heat up even more in a hue of red like this one. To balance out the flamboyance of the walls, opt for classic ivory bedding and classical sconces.



Create a Seating Area



Create a small (more intimate) living room when you have enough space in your bedroom for an extra area to hang out that isn’t your bed. Two armchairs with a tiny coffee table or ottoman for beverages, a candle, and another decorative object inclined towards each other.



Repeating Motifs are highlighted



Interior designer Heather Hilliard creates a romantic—but not overly romantic—atmosphere in this main bedroom with a repeating pattern of delicate curving lines and a balanced color palette of breezy blush-beige and cool white with moodier blue accents.



Combine the old and the new



proportions This room, created by ETC, is both traditional and edgy. etera is a masterpiece in romantic bedroom design. While the toile preserves a more traditional tone, the drapes and built-in nook framing the bed add a sense of intimacy.


Make a Juliette Balcony stand out.



If your room has a Juliette balcony, your bedroom will always be lovely, no matter how you arrange it. In typical SoCal style, Brigitte Romanek of Romanek Design Studio dresses it down with linen bedding and sculptural light.



Construct a Cocoon



To increase the impression of seclusion and closeness, hang drapes in front of your bed. It’ll feel like a tiny haven away from the world. It also doesn’t hurt to have a plush comforter you’ll never want to throw away.



Give off a rosy glow.



The luxurious carpet in this bedroom by Arent & Pyke nearly appears iridescent, exuding a feeling of richness and relaxation. The textured panel headboard adds just the right amount of contrast. Hang light pink sheers that generate a rosy glow across the area for the ultimate touch of romanticism.


Keep Your Footing



A low-lying bed sets the tone for seductive boho vibe. Loose linens are also an excellent choice; the ease of the bed makes it tempting.


Accept nostalgia



Because of its 273-year duration and Nantucket setting, this bedroom, designed by Elizabeth Georgantas, is sure to seem romantic. For a high-contrast effect, the damaged beams are given a fresh coat of clean white paint above an antique decoupage bed.



Pillows Can Be Cheeky



“Pillow chat” takes on a whole new meaning in this environment. The unexpectedness of a cheeky cushion in an otherwise classic bedroom has a certain allure.


Bathtub Construction



The bedroom is lined with mirrors for a magnifying effect in this loft bedroom designed by ETC.etera, and the raised en-suite bathtub promises plenty of romance and flair.



Canopy to the Rescue



Is there anything more seductive than a flowing canopy? There’s something magical about the semi-sheer, flowy aesthetic. Take inspiration from this bedroom and add a splash of color to your throw cushions and area rug.



All pics credit by : House Beautiful