When we get the opportunity, we love to create mudrooms.


Originally seen in farmhouses in the 19th century, mudrooms served as backrooms for farmers to remove their dirty garments between the outside world and the household. Today’s mudrooms have a slightly different appearance and purpose. Though they are not required in every home, having a location to enter, rinse off your boots, and store your belongings is the ultimate luxury in areas with damp or muddy conditions.

It’s all about combining beauty and functionality when designing a mudroom. Finding some inspiration might be a great place to start when it comes to building, remodeling, or refreshing a mudroom.



Mudroom in the McGee House




Mudroom at the Bay House




Mudroom at the Mountainside Retreat




The Modern Mudroom on a PC




The Homestead in Arizona




Mudroom at the Ranch House




Mudroom at the SM Ranch House




Mudroom Remodeling in Northridge




Mudroom Remodel at The Cove




Mudroom at Swan Lake House




Mudroom in a Modern Lake House



All pic credit by : McGee