In my most optimistic times, I feel I can achieve all of my wildest DIY ambitions.

Painting on a large scale for a blank wall? I’m on it.

A rattan planter crafted by hand to dangle from my ceiling? I’ll be able to make it quickly.

Bergamot-scented candles and lightly drifting dried, pressed flowers?

In practice? I’m an expert at conducting Google searches and drawing up huge plans that are seldom, if ever, realized. I live my home design life in an optimistic DIY bubble, then all too frequently buy already-made products before even attempting a trip to the craft shop.

Unfortunately, spring has here, and spring? It’s all about new beginnings. Fresh starts. Attempting things that previously appeared to be too tough. And, while I’m no DIY pro yet, I still have ambitions. Fortunately for me (and for all of you), the Internet is full of people who DIY with ease and charm…and they have the results to show it.


Allow me to offer eight design project ideas from DIY pros today, in that cheerful attitude. Let’s give it a go. I have faith in us.



Ryia Jose’s Cotton Rope Bench



The bench and some plain cotton rope are used in this IKEA hack. It would look great in your entryway, as extra sitting in your living room, or as a headboard decoration. If you’re seeking for more DIY ideas, check out Riya’s highlights.



Tanieka Harris’s Textured Art



When Tanieka shared her weekend DIY art creation on Instagram Stories last autumn, I was captivated to it. While I’m afraid to attempt my hand at making my own art (“Will it turn out to be an ugly blob?”) Watching her produce two gorgeous textured works using supplies she already had on hand gave this wannabe artist a boost of confidence.



Molly Madfis’ Painted Circle Shelf



I first started following Molly while she was making tiny, complex parts to fill the dollhouse seen above (the systematic process is very relaxing!!). and never looked back She painted a painted circle shelf on her son’s bedroom wall to store toys and art projects in this DIY project.



Elena Lohse’s Raffia Lampshade



Elena Lohse of This House 5000 has taken on several DIY renovations in her house. This refurbished old IKEA lamp with a DIY raffia lampshade is one of her most recent posts. Try this easy DIY on your own lampshade to add texture and a new lease on life to a sometimes overlooked décor piece.



Alyssa Leanne Hoppe’s pressed flowers



The pressed flower is a handy item in the DIY decorator’s toolbox. These cuties may be framed (as demonstrated in this DIY), added to handmade candles, or used to make one-of-a-kind coasters. The world of do-it-yourself home design is practically your oyster if you have this project in your back pocket.



Victoria Bradley’s “Marble” Shelving



This DIY is ideal for renters who are unable to make permanent alterations to their present living area. Consider using your favorite contact paper (in this case, a marble design) and this DIY for cabinets, bookshelves, drawers, and more!



Susan Brinson’s Linen Curtains



Meet Susan Brinson, the photographer, designer, and DIYer behind House of Brinson. She demonstrates how to make linen cross-over curtains for your own house in this video. If this project piques your interest, you might be interested in following Susan and her husband, Will, as they repair their historic home in upstate New York.



Jill Elliott’s Watercolor Art



If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at watercolor painting, Wit & Delight writer Jill Elliott has a step-by-step tutorial for you. Allow yourself to flow through the creative process, and you’ll soon have your own work of art up on the wall.


All pics credit by : Wit & Delight