There are various fabrics that come under the royal section and the best of them all is the velvet. When we say rich fabric, the first thought we have is velvet, it is just too perfect. The beauty it has can never be explained and since decades it has been on top to inspire fashion, home décor and textiles. Whether you talk about its soft feel, how it reflects light or how it feels so smooth under the skin, it just adds glamour to everything instantly. Though for the last few years it went out of market but it has returned and people love it as they should.

What is Velvet? Velvet is a fabric that is not born on its own; you craft it either with synthetic, silk or natural fibres. There are numerous different types of velvet and the most expensive of all is the pure silk velvet. There are also woollen velvet but they are not as luxurious as the pure one. With technology growing bigger day by day, velvets can be found of all fibres like synthetic, nylon, acetate, viscose and even natural. Its presence has been seen since the start of century and has always gone at par with royalty. Though today it is still considered a structure of elegance, it is becoming easily accessible than it used to earlier.

Upholstery– People didn’t find it maintainable to use velvet for furnishing but with new methods of cleaning been easily available, people do not fear to invest in a furnisher with velvet fabric in it. Starting with your living room accessories to your bathroom, it is showing up everywhere. Its new look comes often embezzled with buttons, glasses or tufted for a traditional look. One can create varied fashion vibes by mixing it with wood, metal or various other décor accessories. The best merger that has happened is the combination of leather and velvet, exactly like the perfect princess meets the royal prince.

Colour combination-No matter what colour you choose, they look amazing in everything. This year the hottest colour of the season is the jewel tones, emerald, sapphire, ruby or fuchsia. Each of them looks ethereal bringing in a dramatic touch to the whole setting. Try mix-matching these tones by bringing in décor items of bohemian touch and see how your space would lighten up with glory. If you are more into neutrals than the bold colours than settle for grey and lighten up the place with sophistication.

Not bold enough? We know it is really difficult to just shift our attention from the usual stuff and do something out of track. If you are not bold enough to buy furniture with velvet finish then try decorating the room with velvet accessories. You can start with sofa cushions for instance or drapes could also do the work. A touch of velvet here and there could also enhance the room in a great way.

Afraid velvet would wear? Yes, they are amazing but no matter how delicate they sure do wear at one point of time. But you can consider it as a fine thing that would only garner attractiveness with age like many other things. They give the whole setting a totally antique touch and give you a more laid back styling that many love to venture. Maybe you would love the look too.

Too much is too flashy– Sometimes you should know your limit and not go overboard with everything you love. Maybe all you require is a velvet sofa with all other styled furnishing that would give it a show stopper look or maybe you should settle down with just few velvet touches here and there.

Too much of everything usually end up spoiling the perfect scenario you want to create so try being expressive but only till it is impressive. Also never buy anything just because they looked great in the catalogue, bring it home only when you know that it can be placed in an area where it would fit perfectly.