1. One big blank canvas


Photo by Bob Hiemstra


Your walls are one big blank canvas and you are painter, make it glorious in any way you want. Hang canvases with latex paint and brighten up the whole room with your creativity.


  1. Side table is necessary


Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo


Corners or sofa surrounding could be brightening up with the addition of a stepped side table. They do not cost much and are great to place displays and lightings. You could also stack up reading materials that you or your guest can enjoy from time to time or even create miniature stills.


  1. Plates on the walls


Photo by Bob Hiemstra


Yes, plates are for serving food and not decoration but they comes in unexpectedly great colours and looks really beautiful when placed on the walls. You can put various plates of different size, texture and hues and place the most dynamic and beautiful one at the centre. Try experimenting first by laying them 0on the floor and click an image from above. You will know the charm it would add to your home décor and they also comes in very cheap prices.

  1. Wicker magic


Photo by Paul Wicheloe


Wickers are usually used as outdoor décor; they look great when placed at the patio or the garden. But an inexpensive wicker placed indoors just changes the whole setting of the room giving you a very sunny feeling. Place few chairs of similar style at one corner of the room with a tiny rug and other upholstered pieces to give the area a cosy and warm feeling.


  1. Let the artist in you out


Photo by Frances Janisch


Be creative and frame your artwork and hang them on your walls, even a photocopied piece looks good when framed and hanged. Umbra’s Document Frames comes as cheap as $13 and the wall colour illuminated through the glass creates an amazing illusion of a custom designed mat.


  1. DIY comes cheap any day


Photo by Michael Luppino


DIY works are always low cost; you could use various different items available at home and create a beautiful wall hanging. Like using a felt cloth and creating flowers from it and turn it into a flower vase.


  1. Natural ideas


Photo by DitteIsager


Start your day with freshness and be one with nature by going with the natural theme. Use cute shells, stones and other refreshing beach bounty to decorate your entryway, staircase and kitchen. Create a rustic and beach aura around you and relax every day you step into your home.


  1. Be creative


Photo by Lucas Allen


You could do great work with the interior accessories of your home by adding few things, like adding ribbons, frills, gems and stones to your pale cheap lamp shade.


  1. No headboard? Create one


Photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy


This could be easily done with few paints and a brush. Create a headboard at the cost of just $20. Check Paint a Faux Headboard for the step by step instructions.

  1. Photo gallery


Photo by Bob Hiemstra


Your pictures have some great memories attached to it, why keep them hidden in albums. Create a gallery with your awesome images. Choose a theme, like vacations or birthday or wedding and frame them. Stick to a geometric arrangement or a long line and hang them on the walls of the stairway or your room.


  1. Bring your style to focus

Photo by Paul Whicheloe


Let your home speak out loud your style choices. Define a certain place with your kind of interest like here in this room the mirror is placed in the foyer and the whole area showcases drama and illumination.


  1. Rainbows everywhere


Photo by Bob Hiemstra


Though you might want to play safe and go neutral but its better if you try experimenting and getting out of the comfort zone. Bring in colours to your life by buying a coloured lamp shade for your room. Do not mix too much colours in one room, let there be one colour for each room and all should be connecting with one another.


  1. Pile Up Your Books


Photo by Sarah Maingot


When you pile up your over size books they immediately catch attention. If your shelves do not have enough space to accommodate books, stack them unevenly at a bench or side table, especially those with coloured covers.


  1. Candles everywhere


Photo by Susie Cushner


Bring in some perfumed candles and let the surrounding be warm, cosy and beautiful. Also massed candles look great when placed in the centre of a table. Bring a collection of large colourful candles of various heights, put them in a cylindrical container and place them at a coffee table.


  1. Cluster of patterns


Photo by Paul Whicheloe

Your bedroom should be the one room where all your stress and tension should just fly away. It is your personal abode and should be spring-like with cosy floral bed spread, light white linens, fluffy shag rug and minimum furniture. Pick patterns that would keep the floral at balance without making them too loud and place vintage tablecloth and lamps at the bedside to get a majestic feeling.


  1. Bring a touch of outdoor fun in


Photo by Anna Williams


Start collecting earthly treasures like pine seeds, broken twigs, coloured stones and place them in the entryway to get a feeling of earthly vibe each time you enter. Attach a stone to your wooden drawer with glue and screw the knobs of the doors with wood planks. Everything can be found at your home and would not cost more than a dime.

  1. Reuse old furniture


Photo by AntonisAchilleos


There is much old furniture you usually tuck away at the attic; but what if you can renovate them or reuse them as something else. Like this bedside table which has been renovated from a rickety seating.


  1. Colour splash


Photo by David Prince


If you have a room with dull colours then try rejuvenating it with a splash of vibrant colours with quirky and cute accessories. Choose one colour or mixture to 3-4 colours and let it balance the boring setting with life.


  1. Show off your Prized collection


Photo by Thomas Loof


Your fireplace is used only during the winters and the rest of the time it is just barren and empty so why not use to for displaying a collection of your vases, framed images, house plants etc. Decorate the place with similar pieces of various heights and give it a symmetrical balance.

  1. Use your Spaces Smartly


Photo by Victor Schrager


You should know how to use your room smartly so that even a small bedroom looks spacious and airy. Like this room with the large mirror that covers almost 3/4th of the wall, it gives an illusion of a bigger room.