When we speak about home décor, we should always make sure that the trends we follow are those of recent year and not something g people followed a year back. Few decades ago, when internet was not as popular as it is now, people mostly used to rely upon magazines that have news which are only published months after it actually happened. Also, you cannot just be cent per cent sure that this is the trend going on in market, because editors need go through innumerable images of furniture setting, have numerous talks with various designers, sort through large number of interior arrangements and only then showcase them to the people via magazines. Since, internet is not the new found research centre for all; we have come up with these chic and classy furniture choices that you cannot miss for this year.

Motifs- No matter what you are designing, motifs are required for every art. They are the hot trend you can see at every other corner of your town, be it apparels, jewellery, fabric, gadgets to everything. You cannot just miss it and with its emergence every other style has just gone passé. Be sure to have a look at the best online shopping counter and see if you want to bid your money on it or not.

Exposure much- When we say sofa, the first thing that comes to our mind is comfort and cosy. But they can poke a hole in your wallet. So what is the next best thing that you can afford which would be cheaper and also easier for shipping? None, right? You are wrong, up until now flat backs were never an option for furniture but the trend has changed. This upholstered seating with exposed frames is the hot trend and everybody is falling in love with it.

Metallic finish- Glamour, glitter and all flashy, the new theme everyone should start shouting. Baroque art is starting to get involved with the home furnishing. Once you put your eyes on it, you are not going to blink till to dissolve all. With metallic finish, royal texture, gloomy lighting and vintage picks, everything calls out sophistication.

Rust look- Neutral hues are always in popular culture and it seems that since the last five years, the colour choosing committee is in love with grey, they are just not at all calling up another meeting. With just a slight change of the hues every once a while, it has not taken any major change since long. This year the committee thought that they should at least try out a new range and have collectively decided to stick up with rust. This 70’s colour dip can be now found everywhere, be it steel tables, desk, almirah, accessories or anything you can remember.

Innovation and Material go Hand in Hand– Designers always come up with great innovative ideas that any general guy would have never thought of, this year something of that sort happened. Innovation and creativity took a roll upon the materials, with gas burners seen on top of glass or marble counter top, with induction cook top inserted upon a corian top, the ideas are just too good to ignore. You could similar great ideas by designer Lex Pott in his new La Counue range.

During the Milan Design Week, Atelier Swarovski Homes debuted the show with their passel invention which had a laser-jet printed crystal called wave cutting. This innovative work was commissioned by eight architects and designers and was loved by all.