2017 has rolled on and with it there has been a roll in of great and awe striking trends that you cannot just ignore. Whether you are always on high alert of the top interior fashion changes or a sort of rebel that believes in being creative and going out of the box, 2017 is all about breaking the rules. Purchasing furniture depends highly on who is buying it and what will be the purpose of it. One should never be confused about what is best for them and how trends cannot be considered as fads.

Creativity has taken a high role in making the changes to the interior world and along with it the increase in younger consumer rate as well as technological advances. Earlier woman were more concerned in adorning themselves but lately homemakers around the world are getting more involved in understanding the trend and making choices. Another very important detail that manufacturers as well as homemakers are taking into consideration is the concern for our environment. No one wants to create stuff that would look good but in the process disturb the balance of our surrounding, which is why the result of furniture trend has taken a totally different shape. Here are the top furnishings you should look upon for this year.

Go Green Slogan Rules- The concern for creating eco-friendly stuff has become very popular recently. Though green furniture was always present in the market but now people has started to love it more. Concerns like deforestation, climatic changes and toxic finishes are few of many which have made the makers and buyers to demand green furniture.

With technological advances even manufacturers are using resources and methods of production that would be less harmful to nature. Imports in furniture have always been in top but recently the demand is shifting towards local manufacture because of carbon footprints. More products are now made with recycled and repurposed materials as that reduces pollution. There are also manufacturers who have started making furniture out of recycled materials from old buildings to substantially reduce landfills.

Small is the new Great– With family sizes decreasing and individuals or neutral families increasing, the sizes of our homes have also started shrinking. With lesser space for furniture, the demand for large furniture has been replaced by smaller portable furniture. Also the need to have a contemporary modern look is more in demand for the smaller pieces of furniture’s. It is a logical process of wanting smaller more efficient furniture that would make their space look enhancing and also be of the required use. It is actually a very logical choice for buyers to purchase only efficient items that would complement their space. People nowadays buy more furniture that suits their preference instead of any great piece that just adds beauty to their home.

Everything should be Multifunctional– People have started preferring to use fewer items with more features in it. Like for example they would rather buy a high end mobile which would be eligible for calling, photography, videography, internet surfing etc. rather than buy a less costly mobile, a digital camera, a separately. Similarly multifunctional furniture has also become a priority for people, mainly because the area of living has become smaller. Everyone wants furniture that would be used for various purposes or one that can be changed into various items.

Many also look for furniture which has extra storage in it, so they do not have to get another shelf for their daily items. In fact, you can now find storage spaces in everything, from tables to bed to even entertainment consoles. Many a times they might not serve the required purpose but would surely be in use daily for the various extra activities.

Technology brings in major changes– With time technology has reached greater heights and modern technology has greatly affected the choices of people and the designs that designers craft for furniture. This is happening mostly because the entertainment centres around us are evolving.

It is true that entertainment centres are basically made to fulfil our excitement paraphernalia but with modern technology even our bedroom sets, sofa sets and other furniture pieces are crafted to accommodate our gadgets. You can see that even a traditional roll top desk could now be converted into a laptop table. The changes are seen so much that even a simple bedside nightstand has been modified with USB ports, outlets for charging gadgets and pull out shelves to store items etc.

Vintage Furniture is the New Rage– Everyone is going rustic and the want to possess antiques is gaining popularity. They look classy, sophisticated and of course contributes a lot to green furniture. Antique furniture though was not actually toxic free when made but since the time they crafted, they have given off the gas and now is totally indoor friendly. Vintage furniture are usually those that are passed down from generation to generation and if you choose to renovate and use them than you not just rescue them from going to the landfills but also keep the memories safe like a family heirloom. You can also rest assure that when it  has been in the family for so long and yet not decayed or damaged, it sure is made of very good material.