While most of 2016 was mostly filled with bold décor changes, summer like pastel hues and bright dominating landscapes, with 2017 already finishing off the first few months is bringing with it lots of new and innovative decorative ideas. Last year every other homemaker was in love with the picturesque design blending in marbles and steel with geometric twist to every other texture. Designers played with various shades, textures, patterns and colours while painting the walls and people loved the changes. It had the combination of every other hue, starting with bloomy pink to darkest shade of green. It was a year when modern artefacts and traditional furniture went hand in hand. It has the time when designers broke the rule code and did the boldest and most controversial settings of the year. Moving ahead 2017 is sure going to be more daring, innovating and exciting with designers and homemakers both getting out of their comfort zone and experimenting things.

Every home needs to be redesigned every once in a while and given a makeover. They too deserve to be pampered like all of us and while decorating you should always pay as much attention to the interior like you pay to the exterior. We shouldn’t just décor our home just for occasions like for example taking out the china crockery and the white rug only when special friends come over. Décor should be natural and consistent, so that anyone who enters should envy the look and finish of the house.

Home décor didn’t used to be so much in trend earlier but now homemaker giving too much importance in décor, the world is being taken by storm. As internet has made the world a tiny bowl kept safe inside everyone’s pocket, no design or taste is confined by geographies. People around the world are embracing designs from countries they never visited before and love the different decorating culture. Also, people now do not deter from spending hefty amount to give their home a cosmopolitan makeover. So, here are few top of the list décor trends that we bet is going to rule the year.

Go green interiors– With people becoming conscious of globalisation; everyone is concerned about using chemical products and prefers to use eco-friendly stuff. When everyone becomes ecologically conscious the furniture and upholsteries would become simple and the room spacious. Also the trend of planting indoor house pots, vines and bonsai would increase thus catching up with the trend. Being eco-friendly would also mean lesser use of air conditioning and more use of large windows, French doors and ventilations. You are sure going to see lots of recycled stuff around as the trend is already catching up. Lots of recycled furniture, side tables and potteries would be seen in various renovated and innovative ways.

Colour Code Variance– Most of 2016 was deep submerged in dreamy pastels and grey shades but with the start of 2017 the choice of colours have changed and the current colour of the year is green. This year the trend of using varied shades of green would be seen in walls, furniture, wall hanging and everything making the whole environment fresh and sunny. So if green is your favourite colour than you are lucky to experiment but do not go overboard. Do not be scared to experiment it as a slight dash of green would certainly deliver a great signature fashion. This year is sure going to be too much fun with strange shades and colours popping up, conventionalism would take up and bohemian would start knocking the door again.

Wall art– Designing the walls of your rooms has always been a trend but it was done with wall hangings, pictures, art pieces etc. but this year those might be washed off from the list and may be won over by wall paper art. Also the decade old trend of hanging materials like plates, corkand terracotta might make a major comeback. These rusty materials might also replace the tiles making a major change of styles this year.

Dazzling Tone– Glowing and Glitters were not supposed to be a fashion trend for interiors but this year with everything happening a bit off track the rustic accents and dazzling tones are likely to be a part and parcel of 2017 trend. They are for sure going to add elegance to the ambiance but going overboard might not be an option you choose. They would blend in great with the conventional modern look and this bold experiment might be great for the home décor trend.

Hippie accents– With 2017 bringing in so much traditional touch along with it; get ready to see few boho and hippie accents in your décor style. With this 60’s fashion sense penetrating you will be seeing random and motivational patterns and designs merged in mismatched colours at various places of your home like the pillows, cushions, furniture, bed sheets and wallpapers and even on lanterns and pots.

People will slowly start to be comfortable with flexible and portable furnisher as the family sizes are growing smaller and consciousness is also increasing. With people going eco-friendly green would sure be on top of the list when it comes to choosing colours bring home decoration and earthly effect closer. It is going to be year with the most imperfect match yet would be at its elegant best. Recycled products, jewel hues and bold fashion statement would make everyone fall in love with the trend of 2017. This year get out of the closet and be daring to do that little extra with your interiors which you might have not thought to try all this years. It is going to be fun to see everything changed this year.