If you have never paid any interest in buying carpets or exploring the carpet industry, you would never know the number of countless types of carpets that the industry has. Of course, not every carpet created till now has been equal or even similar to one another but usually they are actually a sweet commitment you think of decorating your home with for a certain period of time.

So, for all the new entries of people in the carpeting world, here are a few hot and happening trends that are rounding the market now.

Carpet recycling :

With globalisation hitting hard on everyone, even the carpet making industries around the world are focusing more on producing rugs that are more eco-friendly. Even consumers have started shifting their interest from the synthetic ones to eco-friendly floorings. In fact the most recent facts show that the carpets that are created of today are at least partially made of recycled materials.

Everyone from manufacturers to designers is paying the required attention to go green and save our environment which is why the trend is catching up strongly.

Cut and Loop carpet

If you have done an internet search on carpets, you must have definitely come to the term cut and loop, but what exactly is it? It is nothing but a method of crafting carpets where the makers combine straight cut yarn with loops or yarns that has a little loop in it. Whether you follow fashion by heart or you don’t but if you have a glance on the time-lapse since your existence, you can see that after every 20-30 years gap a recycling of fashion trends always happens. Even now there are few trends capturing the market that used to be popular culture when your parents were young. So recycling happens, it’s a fact.

Similarly, during 70’s the trend of covering the floor with cut and loop carpets were famous but by the late 80’s they just went out of style but now it is making the rounds again and people everywhere are accepting it with great enthusiasm. These styles lets you explore lots of different patterns and gives you multiple texture options, which is why we are more than happy to embrace this trend. Though many have already seen and used these styles before and after few years it would again go out of market like earlier but we cannot say that history is never going to repeat itself.

Frizzy Carpets

Whether you have been an old carpet buyer or new but if you have not looked up for ornamental or frieze carpets than you must have never known anything of such sort exists. These are carpets that are made of twisted yarns, where every piece of the yarn twisted many times to make it look curly and ornamental. It’s exactly the way your hair looks when you braid them all night and the next day it’s totally wavy. With curls becoming a trend for everyone, it seems like people love implementing them on the carpets as well. Though these kind of twisted carpets are very new to the fashion trend but it sure will be in trend for some time.

Cute Tile Rugs

Carpet tiles are the new cool stuff that is going on in the market and they are really very beautiful. Custom rugs could be easily made by linking various carpet tiles together and creating a unique rug altogether. It is also very beneficial for families with kids and pets around because if a part of the rug gets damaged with spills and stains then you don’t have to throw it away or buy a new one, you can just replace the tile. Carpet rugs has made the problem of selecting same kind of rug vanish, with custom made you can create one of any fibre, pattern, design or colour. And since carpet décor has not gone out of fashion, tile rugs aren’t going to just vanish so easily.

Loud colours

Colours is an important detail that homeowners consider while choosing a rug because it should blend in with the interiors and also make the whole room look lively. Statement colours have become a very hot topic recently and designers are creating rugs with colours that have its own persona. Since people have started considering carpets as more of a décor item than just wall to wall floor covering, you can go for statement rugs to make it look out.

Consider getting out of your comfort zone and buying an orange, violet, red or multi-coloured carpet. These colours are popping up at every other carpet stores and they sure look very refreshing. You don’t need to just toss away a carpet to keep your feet from cold anymore, bring in these fluffy soft things that would make you fall in love with it.

Though the genre of being bold and dashing is circulating the market right now, but it is not going to last forever so try investing your money in a tile rug, so that you can change your taste of home décor as fashion takes another roll.

All Time favourite Neutrals

Neutral colours are like old classics, all-time favourite and never ever going out of fashion. No matter how many styles, patterns or designs come and go but the love for neutral will always be there. Someone or the other is always going to bring in this old traditional touch to their home. They are the perfect piece of art that would easily blend in with the rest of the home furnishing, acting like a black canvas that can also match with the hard flooring.

One can very clearly stick to neutral tones and brighten up the rest of the home furnishing with colours and even than this neutral shade would liven up and be the centrepiece of the room. Even though colours are trending right now but neutrals are going to stay forever.

People normally used to think that wood is the only flooring where one can create various textures, but the scenario has changed and carpets have replaced the thought in a big way. One can create multiple amounts of different textures which hard floors can never manage any day.

Slushy Carpets

There was once a time when people just suddenly stopped using the slushy warm carpets and mainly because it required high amount of maintenance. Softness of a carpet should be the prime factor; no one wants to step on to cold hard floors especially during winters. The slushy feeling a carpet could provide can never be compared with the hard flooring, no matter what type of texture it gives to the room. Slushy carpets will always be in the market, no matter whether they last for generations or go out of fashion in a month but until and unless there is another option which is as good as the soft carpets, it isn’t going anywhere soon.

Ribbed Carpet

You must have heard of ribbed jeans and how famous it is going on right now. Exactly in the same way ribbed carpets are also becoming a hot carpet fashion of the decade. You will find large collection of new rugs with little ribs throughout the texture. They were never a trend earlier and up until now no one thought anything of this sort would be in the market.

They have become quite popular since late 2016 and you can also find few at many high end homes. This fashion will not be in the market for long but we are sure that though they might fade away in a few years, but history is going to repeat again after a decade.

Geometric Pattern Rugs

One coloured mundane carpets are no more a choice for people nowadays. With so many bold eye-catching patterns made, no one would oblige with the single coloured boring looks. 2017 is flooded with hexagons, arabesque, pentagon, ovals and lots of different geometric shaped rugs and they are becoming famous with each passing day, especially for rooms with weird shapes.

Are you wondering if you should spent in these odd shaped rugs? Well, you definitely should, we don’t find any reason for you to say no to these amazing subtle and classy looks.